Liberal Outlet Says Trump Rally Turnout ‘Much Larger Than Biden Campaign Would Like,’ Trump Is ‘Remarkably On Message’

CNN national correspondent Kristen Holmes said on Thursday that former President Donald Trump “got his message across” to voters at a rally in New York, noting that turnout in the city’s most Democratic areas “far exceeded” the Biden campaign’s hopes.

Holmes appeared on “Erin Burnett Outfront” to discuss the Trump rally in the Bronx. Reports Some estimates put the crowd at several thousand. CNN host Erin Burnett expressed surprise at Trump’s location and asked Holmes how many people had gathered. (RELATED: Bronx voter tells Fox News host that Trump rally ‘brings light to the poor’)

“Given that this is one of the most heavily Democratic counties in the nation, turnout is certainly much higher than the Biden campaign would like,” Holmes said. “But of course, as you said, this is happening as Donald Trump targets minority voters, particularly black men and Latino men, which we know about. Number one, Donald Trump sees an opportunity, but number two, as you’ve shown in recent polls, he really believes there’s some movement there and that he can draw these minority voters out of the Democratic group.”

“What’s really interesting about this is that Donald Trump himself has said that he thinks New York is at stake,” she continued. “Obviously, he said the same thing in 2016, and he’s said the same thing in 2020. He lost the state both times by about 20-plus points. But Donald Trump is here for two reasons. One, we know he’s trying to win over minority voters, and two, he had to be here, or at least his team thought he had to be here. He should have been in court today.”

“They thought Trump would be in the courtroom through the weekend, which apparently ended on Tuesday,” Holmes continued. “They planned this rally for months, visiting different parts of New York so that Trump could continue to campaign and be surrounded by people who were cheering for him while he was in the courtroom all day.”

“But I have to say, he’s been incredibly on-message here, talking about infrastructure and jobs, the things that really matter to New York voters,” she added. “I spoke to some people in the Bronx before the rally and there were mixed reactions to him being here. Some said he should go, he doesn’t belong here, while others said they voted for Biden in 2020 and are looking for an alternative. Many of them said they feel times are too tough because of the economy and are seriously considering voting for Donald Trump.”