London Run of ‘Slave Play’ Holding Black Audiences-Only Performances ‘Free from the White Gaze’

Acclaimed Broadway play returns to London slave play In an effort to protect them from the “white gaze,” they plan to hold performances where only people who “identify as black” will be allowed to attend.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak expressed his disapproval of the decision, calling it “wrong and divisive.”

During its Broadway run over two years ago, slave play The producers also held the so-called “black”. [sic] “Out” performances reserved for black audiences only.

Although it is clearly illegal to exclude people of a particular race from public events, slave play They appear to have avoided potential legal issues in New York by making the black-only performance available by invitation only.

It seems to be the same in London.

slave play ‘ will run at London’s Noel Coward Theater from June 29th to September 21st. Two performances of “Black Out” are scheduled for July 17th and September 17th.

“Black Out” event promotion site explained Here’s why: “Intentionally creating an environment where all-black-identifying audiences can experience and discuss events in the performing arts, film, sports, and cultural arenas, free from the white gaze.”

slave play Author Jeremy O’Harris recently told the BBC he was “excited” about the London “Blackout” night initiative.

See below:

He said:

“We want and aspire to have black and brown people in theater, and we want people who come from working-class environments and don’t make six figures to feel like theater is their place. For me, it requires fundamentally inviting them with a “you are invited” approach. Specifically you. ”

“There are many places in our country where white people generally live, and no one questions that, and no one says that we are not invited to have a black audience here. ”

The time-jumping drama tells the story of interracial relationships throughout American history, using slavery as a central motif to explore racism, microaggressions, and other contemporary ideas.

game of thrones Star Kit Harington will be part of the London cast.

Prime Minister Sunak said a black-only performance was “wrong and divisive”.

In a statement to multiple news outlets, a spokesperson for Mr Sunak said: “The Prime Minister is a huge supporter of the arts and believes that the arts are inclusive and accessible to everyone, especially when arts institutions receive public funding. I believe it should be opened.” outlet. “Obviously, these reports are concerning and more information is being sought. But it is clear that restricting viewers based on race is wrong and divisive. .”

“This is clearly a statement of the principle that the arts should be inclusive, and I think certain taxpayers would expect that to be the case, especially when public funds are involved,” the spokesperson added. Ta.

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