How new NFL salary cap could affect Giants in free agency

INDIANAPOLIS — Everyone gets a raise! This large size is not a problem in an office environment. Sure, you might not feel special or particularly appreciated if your entire department gets the same raise. But what on earth is a higher salary good for you, and isn’t that what’s important? Things are different in the […]

CBS News’ Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews getting free speech award after Catherine Herridge firing

CBS News bosses approve firing controversial Katherine Herridge, a prominent Washington correspondent embroiled in a high-profile First Amendment case, still was awarded the Freedom Award. CBS News President Ingrid Cyprian-Matthews named the 13 recipients of the 33rd Annual First Amendment Awards held March 9 at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C. Selected by News Association. […]

Migrants Handed Spacious Apartments for Free in NYC

Illegal border crossers in New York City continue to be given thousands of dollars a month in free rent for apartments and hotel rooms, while Big Apple residents are forced to pay thousands of dollars a month for small apartments. of new york timesFor example, I published a long article on February 25th. celebrate The […]

Biden Admin Used Parole Loophole to Free Laken Riley Murder Suspect into U.S.

The illegal alien charged with the kidnapping and murder of 22-year-old nursing student Laken Riley entered the United States thanks to President Joe Biden’s parole pipeline on the porous southern border. José Antonio Ibarra, 26, an illegal immigrant from Venezuela, was arrested and charged this month with kidnapping and killing Riley as she went for […]

U.S. Airman Self-Immolates in Front of Israeli Embassy in D.C. Yelling ‘Free Palestine’

A 25-year-old U.S. Air Force member self-immolates in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington, D.C., shouting “Liberate Palestine!”according to report. The aviator, who identified himself as Aaron Bushnell, broadcast the entire self-immolation on the streaming site Twitch. Minutes before his self-immolation, he said in a video: “My name is Aaron Bushnell. I am an […]

NFL free agency 2024: Franchise tag tracker

The 2024 NFL offseason officially began earlier this week, with the window for teams to use the franchise tag opening on Tuesday, February 20th. This begins a 15-day period during which teams can use the franchise tag on impending free agents. When it comes to the franchise tag, teams have a few different options. Teams […]

Pete Alonso could follow Brandon Nimmo’s free agency path back to Mets

PORT STREET SEA — David Wright cares so much about wearing a Mets uniform that he signed a team-friendly contract a year before he became a free agent, allowing him to play his entire career with one organization. Brandon Nimmo found himself at the same crossroads nearly a decade later and under a different Mets […]

Dolphins to cut Xavien Howard with heavy free agency interest expected

One of the NFL’s best defensive backs is set to hit the open market. The Dolphins have notified stud cornerback Xavian Howard that he will be waived at the beginning of the new league year. According to NFL Networkafter spending eight seasons with the team. Howard has three years left on his five-year, $90 million […]


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