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Luka Dončić’s “case of the flops” cost Mavs NBA championship

The Dallas Mavericks have lost three straight games to the Boston Celtics in the 2024 NBA Finals. If Boston wins tonight, it will dash Mavericks fans’ hopes of winning an NBA championship, which hasn’t happened since 2011.

NBA sports writer Brian Windhorst pointed to Mavs All-Star point guard Luka Doncic as the reason the team couldn’t beat the Celtics.

“His defensive performance is unacceptable. He’s a hole on the court…” [The Celtics] They are leading this series because they have been aggressive. [Dončić] “Defensively,” Windhorst reported, adding that Doncic is “hurting the team with how he responds to the officials.”

Windhorst went so far as to say Doncic is “the reason the Mavericks won’t win this series.”

“There were some fouls in that game that should have gone in Luka’s favor.” Jason Whitlock, Sports Expert for Blaze MediaBut he also acknowledges that the superstar has been guilty of “failures.”[baiting the referees]” and “trying to induce all these fouls.”

“Luka Doncic made a terrible mistake,” he said, playing video of the player’s dramatic fall from the previous game.

Jay Skapinak, Behind the Voice Scup Attack Agree.

“Luka came into the series in such brilliant form,” he told Jason, “that in my opinion he looked like he was ready to be in the conversation about the best player in the world.”

But looking back at the past three games, there’s no denying that Luka has been absolutely pathetic throughout this series.

What’s weird is, “A lot of people are going to just look at the box score and say 30 points, 9 rebounds, 6 assists, 2.5 steals per game, 47% averages and think this guy is having a great series.”

But Jay said Luka “has been terrible in the fourth quarter when it matters most,” as evidenced by his “only making 3-of-15 shots in the fourth quarter” over the past three games and “being up and down the court on defense.”

“This guy is the LeBron James of Europe,” he criticizes.

To hear the rest of the conversation and predictions for tonight’s game, check out the clip below.

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