‘Lunatics’: Cotton Rips Dem ‘Machinery’ For Supporting ‘Radical Ideologues’ Following Pro-Palestine Protests Across US

Republican Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton ripped the Democrat “machinery” Tuesday on Fox News for their support of “radical ideologues,” following a wave of pro-Palestine protests across the U.S. this week.

Cotton appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss the protesting many witnessed throughout the United States on Monday as pro-Palestine activists blocked traffic in various major cities. Fox host Laura Ingraham questioned the senator on the lack of response from some Democrats over the heightened tensions of pro-Palestine protesting. (RELATED: ‘Skin Ripped Off’: Tom Cotton Says There’d Be ‘Wet Criminals’ Thrown Off Bridge If Protesters Blocked Traffic In His State)

“Well, Laura, they’re silent because, as you said, this isn’t just left-wing protesters. This is the entire machinery of the Democratic Party that protects these radical ideologues,” Cotton stated.

“This is who they are, is it not? This is the Democrat Party,” Ingraham jumped in.

“Yeah, Act Blue, the Democratic fundraising machine, is raising money to pay for bail for these lunatics,” Cotton continued. “Just like Kamala Harris raised money to pay for the bail for the BLM rioters in the summer of 2020. This is the Democratic Party machinery supporting these radical ideologues. And, of course, they are sympathetic to the causes that they are advocating, as well.”

Cotton continued to call out protesters who shut down major roads Monday such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, roads to the O’Hare Airport in Chicago, and main roads to the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Ingraham then jumped in to question Cotton on how Democrats would act if there were protests over the “open border.”

“So they are not really sympathetic to people who are trying to catch a flight at O’Hare to go visit a parent, see a kid’s graduation, or to a mom who’s got to get her kid to the doctor’s office before school in the morning. They’re sympathetic to all these anti-Israel, pro-Hamas protesters and therefore they don’t want to take a position on what they’re doing to violate the law. What I’m saying — ”

“Well senator, just really quickly, if these people were protesting the open border and had shut down these major arteries going into airports, don’t you think Merrick Garland would be announcing massive RICO charges, huge task force? They’d do another J6 on this, would they not?” Ingraham questioned.

“Yeah, it’d be SWAT teams coming in,” Cotton stated. “Just like you saw at the Supreme Court today, Laura, where the Feds stretched the law to round up hundreds of January 6th defendants, stretching it beyond its plain meaning to include two counts against Donald Trump. That’s what they do when it’s conservative undertaking such activities.”

Following the pro-Palestine protests, Cotton called out the activists during an interview, stating that those who get stuck in the protests should “take matters into their own hands.” While the senator received some pushback for his comments, Cotton stood by his stance as he told Ingraham that the activists have “no right” to block traffic.

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