Man posts video of himself sucker-punching elderly man without provocation, New Mexico police say they can’t do anything

A New Mexico man sucker punches an elderly man and releases a video of himself in the act, but police admit they saw the video but say they can’t do anything about it.

The video, posted on Facebook by Armando Gandara III, shows him punching what appears to be an elderly man in Albuquerque and then running away.

The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement to KOB-TV that it had seen the video but could not have done anything unless the victim came forward.

The victim in this case has not come forward and the identity of the victim has not been confirmed. Without the victim’s statement and report, this case cannot move forward. We urge the victims in the video to come forward and speak with representatives so we can ensure appropriate charges are brought forward in the pursuit of justice.

The post was later deleted.

“He’s completely upset.”

KOB also spoke with Amanda Kimbrel, who works with Gandara at UPS and is concerned that his violence may escalate. She said she risked her life working in the same place as the man.

“When I go to work every morning, I’m like, my anxiety level is through the roof because I don’t know what he’s going to do,” she said. “No precautions were taken to ensure my safety or that of my colleagues.” She goes to work every day thinking, “Am I going to die today?” It may sound dramatic, but in reality it is not, because he is not completely free. ”

Kimbrel filed for a restraining order against Gandara in January, but said Gandara continues to violate the order without repercussions.

“I think he has committed seven offenses in total, maybe six,” she claimed. “He stole one of my friend’s cell phones and contacted me pretending to be the other friend. He violates that at work. He’s within 100 yards of me. He should be right next to me.”

“People need to stand up.”

Kimbrel said she plans to take Gandara to court for violating the restraining order, but hopes older victims will also come forward and press charges.

“People need to stand up to people like this and stop this kind of behavior,” she said. I hope he comes forward. ”

Here is a video about this incident:

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