Marshawn Lynch takes deal in Las Vegas DUI case: attorneys

Las Vegas (class) — Former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch took a plea deal on the same day his trial on DUI charges was scheduled to begin, Nexstar’s KLAS has learned. Mr Lynch can now avoid his prison sentence if he meets the judge’s requirements.

Lynch was originally charged with misdemeanor DUI after Las Vegas Metro Police said they found Lynch asleep at the wheel of his car in 2022.

Ahead of his trial, which was scheduled to begin Wednesday, Lynch took a plea deal on a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence. As part of the agreement, Lynch will be charged with reckless driving if he completes DUI school, a Victim Impact Panel, alcohol testing, 200 hours of community service and stays out of trouble for one year, according to the documents. The amount will be reduced to.

Marshawn Lynch was arrested on August 9, 2022 at the Las Vegas City Jail. (City of Las Vegas/KLAS)

The case will be dismissed and closed as a reckless driving violation, according to court documents.

The judge also ordered Lynch to pay a $1,140 fine.

“Mr. Lynch has not been convicted of any crime at this time,” his attorneys, Richard Schoenfeld and David Chesnoff, said in a statement. “He has agreed to meet certain requirements, which will result in the case being closed as a reckless driving traffic violation.”

Marshawn Lynch on the field before the Buffalo Bills vs. Indianapolis Colts NFL football game in Orchard Park, New York, Nov. 21, 2021 (AP Photo/Jeffrey T. Burns, File)

Prosecutors say Lynch (37), Blood alcohol concentration was more than twice the legal limit hours after police found him in a car near the Las Vegas Strip in 2022, according to documents.

Nexstar’s KLAS previously reported that officers arrested Lynch on Tuesday, Aug. 9, after they observed him “incapacitated and asleep in the driver’s seat with the vehicle inoperable.” The arrest was made around 7:30 a.m. Police said the car was a 2020 Shelby GT500 coupe and was unregistered.

Lynch’s lawyer had argued that the incident did not amount to drunk driving. However, Nevada law states that a person sitting in the driver’s seat of a vehicle is considered to have “physical control” of the vehicle.

lynching involved in a previous accident That led to a parking ticket, KLAS first reported on Feb. 22, 2022. According to a police report, the man was driving on Tropicana Boulevard near Santoro Drive around 4 a.m. when his Lamborghini Aventador “collided with landscaping and a fence.”

In this case, police cited Lynch as the cause of the accident, but made no arrests. According to court records, Lynch alleged that the noro contention (which he admitted to the violation but denied the crime) was a misdemeanor for stopping, standing or parking in a prohibited area. The judge ordered him to pay a $750 fine.

Lynch most recently played for the Seattle Seahawks and spent the 2017-2018 season with the then-Oakland Raiders.

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