Maryland cat rescue launches ‘neuter your ex’ fundraiser for Valentine’s Day

A Baltimore-area cat rescue group is offering betrayed ex-lovers the opportunity to figuratively “neuter” their exes. At the same time, they can support a good cause and prevent overpopulation of animals.

“Neuter your ex this Valentine’s Day,” the Cat Protection Society wrote in a Jan. 30 Facebook post.

“For a $25 donation, we’ll name a stray cat after your ex,” the post continued. The cats “will be harvested through our TNR program and returned to the Park Heights colony.”

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The association added that people can donate through the rescue organization’s website, Paypal and Venmo.

“Disclosure: All names will be used in the order they are received,” the Cat Protection Society said.

“It may take a few months or more for your name to be used, but we guarantee it will be used.”

A cat rescue group in Maryland plans to name the cat after the former flame and then neuter it. (General Incorporated Association Cat Rescue Association)

The Cat Protection Society was founded in 2007. Its website states that it is “focused on the rescue and rehabilitation of feral, abandoned, abandoned, and feral cats in under-resourced communities throughout Baltimore.”

In the comments section, many Facebook users happily reported that they had already donated and were looking forward to seeing their “admired” cat neutered.

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Sarah Khan of the Cat Rescue Society told Fox News Digital that the fundraiser was inspired by similar efforts the organization has seen in other rescues.

“New cats are always appearing at the Park Heights cat colony that require TNR or medical intervention,” Khan said.

cat in cage

Stray cats that emerge from the colony are humanely captured, neutered and returned to the colony. (General Incorporated Association Cat Rescue Association)

Approximately 100 cats live in the colony.

TNR, short for “Trap-Neuter-release,” is a humane way to manage cat populations, Elaine Rice, a volunteer with the Cat Protection Society, told FOX News Digital.

Stray cats are captured, neutered and returned to the colony so they can no longer produce new kittens.

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“TNR is so important because just one unspayed female and one unneutered male can produce two million kittens in just eight years,” Rice said. said.

cat with cut off ear

Cats spayed or neutered through the TNR program have their ears cropped for easy identification. (General Incorporated Association Cat Rescue Association)

County services for spaying and neutering wild animals are often very limited, and given the volunteer nature of most TNR activities, people’s work commitments may limit these appointments. It can be difficult to schedule, she said.

“In many cases, groups and caretakers have to pay their own reservation fees, which tend to be between $65 and $85 per cat, albeit with discounts. “The number of cats is limited,” she said.

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Fundraisers like “Neuter Your Ex” have the benefit of covering medical costs, tackling the feral cat crisis and adding a touch of humor to romantic situations from the past, the charity said.


“What could be more eye-catching on Valentine’s Day than spaying or neutering your ex? You can name a cute cat and make a difference,” Rice said.

“It’s a win-win for everyone, except maybe your ex.”

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