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Cat Burns: Early Twenties review – a candid coming-of-age debut | Pop and rock

I2022, Up-and-coming singer-songwriter Cat burnssong of go The raw, yet soft guitar track went double platinum and earned the South Londoner three Brit Award nominations. The 24-year-old’s debut album was Early 20s, Just as expected. Steeped in moving gospel riches and indie sensibilities, the album is a collection of introspective yet anthemic British-accented pop about […]

Woman Allegedly Stabbed Murder Victim 11 Times, Killed Cat: REPORT

The murder victim suffered severe injuries, including 11 stab wounds, Fox 8 reported, citing an autopsy report from the North Carolina state medical examiner. Lauren Ashley Fullerton, 38, was indicted on first-degree murder charges Friday for the May 30 deaths of Todd Allen Arnold, 59, and their cat, news outlets reported. report. (Related: Video shows […]

1.5 Million Homes Lose Power as Cat 1 Hurricane Beryl Makes Texas Landfall

More than 1.5 million homes in Texas were without power Monday morning as Hurricane Beryl made landfall on the central Texas coast. The eye of Hurricane Beryl crossed the Texas coastline near Matagorda early Monday morning. Power Out Reports More than 1.5 million Texas customers are without power, primarily due to the effects of Hurricane […]

Trump Fires Back When Biden Says He Has ‘Morals of an Alley Cat’

President Joe Biden (Democrat) accused former President Donald Trump of poor morals during a heated debate in Atlanta, Georgia on Thursday. Trump initially Accused During the debate, moderated by CNN, Biden denounced fraud and said he had “done nothing wrong.” When Biden was allowed to respond, he said: The idea that I’ve done anything wrong […]

Stone Cold Steve Austin has morphed into an Instagram cat dad, and it’s incredible

Every professional wrestler goes through phases in their career, but who would have guessed that Stone Cold Steve Austin would turn cat dad? The Texas Rattlesnake captivates Instagram daily by documenting the two most important things in his life, Pancho and Macho, at Broken Skull Ranch in a way that only Stone Cold can. Austin […]

A college puts the ‘cat’ into ‘education’ by giving Max an honorary ‘doctor of litter-ature’ degree

A Vermont university awarded Max, a beloved cat and beloved member of the community, the honorary degree of Doctor of Companion Animals ahead of the students’ graduation ceremony on Saturday. Vermont State University’s Castleton campus celebrates the feline’s friendliness, not its mousiness or napping. A cat at university? ‘Emotional’ students may benefit from felines on […]

Joe Benigno unloads as technical difficulties, cat derail podcast

If Joe Benigno has some technical issues, plus a microphone while recording, it’s podcast gold. Former WFAN host Benigno provided some laugh-filled, expletive-filled moments while trying to deal with the TV’s technical issues. Podcast “Oh, the pain” And apparently it’s a serpentine cat. Technique and the 70-year-old Benigno have never been a harmonious tag team, […]