Mazi Pilip admits it was a ‘mistake’ not too seek Trump’s endorsement in New York special election race 

Nassau County Legislator Maji Pilip expressed regret Wednesday for not seeking Donald Trump’s support in his bid for Congress to replace former U.S. Rep. George Santos.

Mr. Pilip, who was registered as a Democrat at the time, ran as a Republican, but lost to Mr. Suozzi by more than 7 points in the February 13 special election for New York’s 3rd Congressional District.

“Fake news that I don’t support Trump. I love Trump. A great president. My mistake for not asking for his support,” Pilip said. I wrote to X.

Pilip lost a race to Suozzi earlier this month by more than seven points. james cavom

Pillip’s comments supporting the former president came after she changed her party affiliation to Republican. She announced her transition on Instagram this week. according to

During the campaign, Pillip said she would not support Trump, 77, in November if he was convicted by Election Day.

“No one is above the law,” the Ethiopian-born Nassau County councilman said at a candidate forum in January. “If he is convicted, he cannot represent us.”

After losing to Mr. Suozzi, 61, Mr. Trump slammed Mr. Pillip, saying that Mr. Pillip’s refusal to support him had cost the Republican Party the election, and that the party had decided to run in November. He argued that another candidate should be found.

“Republicans learn nothing, but maybe she was still a Democrat?” Trump wrote in a post on Truth Social. “I had almost 99% approval rating in the primaries and very good numbers in the general election. But this very stupid woman, Maji Melesa Pilip, did not support me and won I just saw him run for office and try to ‘step over the fence’ when he could have easily won if he had any understanding of modern American politics.”

He also claimed that supporters in the district stayed home and did not vote because Pilip did not seek support, adding: “We want a real candidate in the district in November.”

Trump claims his supporters did not vote for Pilip because she refused to seek his support. wire image

Suozzi, who previously represented Long Island and Queens for six years, was ceremonially sworn in to Congress on Wednesday.

The Democratic victory leaves House Republicans with a 219-213 legislative majority, meaning the Republican caucus can only accept up to two defectors with votes that all Democrats oppose.

In his speech on the first floor, Suozzi took aim at House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) and denied the Republican leadership’s assessment that he “ran the election like a Republican.”

“Mr. Chairman, after my recent election, you said that I had to quietly take exception. You said, “Tom Suozzi ran like a Republican.” Now I know you meant it as a compliment. “Let me be clear, Mr. Chairman, that I am a dyed-in-the-wool, true blue Democrat,” Suozzi insisted.

“Mr. Speaker, I know compromise is difficult in this town, but if you bring a bipartisan compromise to the floor, I guarantee you it will pass,” he added. “Every problem we face in this country is complex. Every one of them. And an environment of fear and anger will not solve anything.”

Suozzi took the oath of office on Wednesday. Getty Images

Mr. Suozzi will serve out the remainder of Mr. Santos’ term, but he will need to win again in November to take full control of the House of Representatives.

Santos, a 35-year-old Republican, was expelled from the House in December after facing 23 federal indictments on charges of laundering campaign funds and defrauding donors. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.



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