McDonald’s location slammed over ‘outrageous pricing’ for Egg McMuffin

A McDonald’s store in Connecticut is under fire for its “exorbitant pricing” after customers were charged more than $7 for an Egg McMuffin and nearly $6 for a side of hash browns.

“One McDonald’s Egg McMuffin costs $7.29. What has the world become??” New York-based Bespoke Investment Group wrote about its breakfast sandwich Posted.

Receipts show the user paid $14.58 for two Egg McMuffins on Saturday at a McDonald’s in Fairfield, Conn., located at a rest stop off Interstate 95.

“This was just recently 2 for $2,” the Bespoke account added in the comments. ×postHowever, the popular fast food chain discontinued that promotion in 2016.

In a subsequent post, Bespoke’s account pointed out that a side of hash browns (famous for their slim-pressed oval fries that fit inside a small paper sheath) cost a staggering $5.69.

For reference, at McDonald’s in New York City’s notoriously expensive Times Square, hash browns cost $3.99, but hungry patrons can get an Egg McMuffin for $5.49.

McDonald’s has since announced a three-tier value menu, the $1.2.3 $3 Menu, which includes items such as sausage biscuits, sausage McMuffins, and McChin’ sandwiches.

User X shared a photo of a receipt he received at a McDonald’s store in Fairfield, Connecticut, accusing the restaurant of charging more than $7 for an Egg McMuffin and a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese McGriddle. twitter

Meanwhile, the Egg McMuffin at the Connecticut McDonald’s location in question costs an astonishing $17.63 for a small coffee, Egg McMuffin, and hash browns, according to the restaurant’s Uber Eats page.

Upgrades and add-ons such as a larger coffee, bacon strips, and a “round egg” (which McDonald’s calls a cracked egg, not a scrambled liquid egg) are also available for up to $3 more.

According to a receipt shared on the Bespoke

The newspaper has contacted the restaurant’s franchisee, Michelle Enterprises, and McDonald’s headquarters for comment.

The bill has been viewed nearly 2 million times since it was posted over the weekend, with onlookers furious and saying whoever made the decision to go up the prices “maybe.” [in the] It’s the same staff that sets the prices for airport food options. ”

“Avoid!” another user warned, and yet another pointed out that even Wisconsin’s Egg McMuffin has fallen victim to “Bidenflation” and costs $3.99.

Some people criticized Bespoke users for making a series of “rookie mistakes” that caused sticker shock. “Never shop at a rest stop,” one commenter named Irv Cowboy warned, adding that Bespoke has a “buy one, get one free” offer and “get the McDonald’s app.” I advised him to do so.

Or, Arb Cowboy suggested, why not try Chick-Fil-A, which is located in the same rest area.

McDonald’s business model allows franchisees to set their own prices, according to the company’s website.

At another rest stop in wealthy Darien, Connecticut (located less than 32 miles from the rest stop in Fairfield), social media users also said that after X user shared that a Big Mac combo menu would cost $18, I paid attention to the prices on McDonald’s menu.

According to the restaurant's Uber Eats page, the Egg McMuffin at the Fairfield, Conn., McDonald's location in question costs a whopping $17.63 for a small coffee, Egg McMuffin, and hash browns.
According to the restaurant’s Uber Eats page, the Egg McMuffin at the Fairfield, Conn., McDonald’s location in question costs a whopping $17.63 for a small coffee, Egg McMuffin, and hash browns. Getty Images

Darien McDonald, in a town with a median income of $250,000, according to census data, also charges $19 for a Cheese and Bacon Quarter Pounder or Quarter Pounder Deluxe, both with medium fries and a medium soft drink. include.

Other amazing prices on the menu include the $18 McCrispie sandwich, $18.29 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, and $16.59 Filet-O-Fish sandwich.

Additionally, the cheeseburger, normally found on McDonald’s $1 menu, will be available at the restaurant for $17 for two people.