Media Blame Two-Year-Old Libs of TikTok Tweet for Teen Girl’s Death

Almost two years ago, TikTok’s Libs exposed a disgusting middle school teacher’s online content. Last week, a 16-year-old girl who identified as “non-binary” (whatever that means) was allegedly bludgeoned to death in a high school bathroom. The left is currently trying to identify the murderer…

TikTok library.

No, really…

All Libs of TikTok (LOTT) founder Chaya Raichik does is grab public videos and retweet them. This is the dangerous, fascist insanity of far-left LGBTQ weirdos (and their equally insane straight, white female allies), especially those who try to take care of young children in public schools. What a genius way to give ordinary people insight into things.

Back in 2022, Lott meets an eccentric named Tyler Lynn, an 8th grade teacher in Owassa, Oklahoma. He was posting videos aimed at young people.LGBTQIA+ childrenI said things like, “If your parents don’t accept you for who you are, fuck them.” I’m your parents now. ”

LOTT reposted the weirdo’s public video. And because red America is sane, that weirdo was fired.

Fast forward to February 8th, two years later. Dagny, who identifies as “non-binary” and calls herself Nex, a 16-year-old girl named Benedict, gets into an altercation of sorts in the bathroom at Owasso High School.Dagny died the next day.

The death of a young, clearly troubled high school girl is tragic. When justice is needed, we all want it to be served.


What does this have to do with the insane teacher who was deservedly fired two years ago?

Furthermore, what does this have to do with Libs on TikTok, who only reposted the Freak Teacher video and didn’t post anything about this 16-year-old girl?

Well, for a normal person it doesn’t matter. The two incidents are completely unrelated. Something wonderful happened two years ago. A strange person was fired from his teaching job. Two weeks ago, something terrible happened. A young girl died.

However, corporate media does not include ordinary people. Instead, the corporate media is filled with left-wing lunatics bent on destroying the lot. Because what Lajczyk is doing is so effective, it’s all about filming her public videos and amplifying them through her popular Twitter feed. The effectiveness of LOTT lies in the beauty of its simplicity, and the groomer enablers that pervade corporate media can’t stand it.


Groomer advocates in the corporate media are making total fools of themselves, blaming Lott’s irrelevant tweets from April 2022 for the recent death of a 16-year-old girl.



of Independent:

An Owasso High School teacher whom Nex greatly admired resigned in 2022 after being featured in one of Lyczyk’s posts.

Lajczyk did not respond to a request for comment. Independent. In X, she denied any connection to the death and said she was unfairly accused of murder.


According to The Independent, a teacher Benedict admired has appeared on TikTok’s Rib, a far-right X (formerly Twitter) account known for posting anti-transgender content. Posts from this account led to threats against schools, libraries, and other public facilities across the country. According to local media, the teacher had already faced backlash over the TikTok video and resigned on the same day the TikTok Libs account tweeted about the video.


The post was featured on TikTok Ribs, and Wrynn faced harassment.

Benedict’s mother told The Independent that her child was angry at the backlash Lin received. She said teachers who encourage discussion of gender issues do not promote sexual content, the news agency reported.

daily beast:

Last summer, Reichik focused on Tulsa school librarians, and in the days that followed several Tulsa schools received bomb threats. TikTok’s targeting ribs had similar results in different regions of the country. Then, in November, Lajczyk replaced his profile picture with one of the photos he proudly carries. USA Today The front-page headline read, “TikTok’s Liv Posts Get More Threats.”

daily cos Headline: “TikTok Library Targets District, Nonbinary Student Killed on Campus”

“The same neighborhood was targeted by the self-proclaimed ‘probabilistic terrorists’ who run TikTok’s Libs.” I tweeted He’s a dim-witted guy named Wendy Suarez, who anchors KOKH FOX 25 in Oklahoma. She has since deleted the xweet.

This all comes down to one thing.

The left and the corporate media want to allow fascist perverts and groomers to remain hidden from us ordinary people and openly prey on young children.

All LOTT does is record public videos and retweet them. that’s it. That’s all she’s guilty of. And the left can’t stand it. Exposing these freaks and the horrors they tolerate against children is intolerable for the elite media.

Here’s a fun question…

What would the child abuse media do if it turns out that the murderer of this troubled 16-year-old girl was a member of a conservation group? Are you black, illegal, American Indian, or gay?

The only reason the media makes fun of themselves publicly is to prove how committed they are to sexualizing, homosexualizing, and destroying children.

This is not a training exercise.

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