Meet College Football 25 video game cover stars for first time with real players

Another big step towards the official release of EA Sports College Football 25. At the PlayStation Store, the game’s banner includes a deluxe edition cover.As an extra point writer Matt Brown reports, the cover features current players, each playing a different position in a different power conference. The tentative release date is July 19th, but the game comes with a deluxe cover that lists several players by their real names.

Here is a first look at the cover of the deluxe edition.

Cover players are now being introduced to the game due to significant changes in the players covered by name, image and likeness rights used in the game.All players who opted in $600 payment from EA Along with a copy of the game, cover players are given a little more perk.

Collegiate NIL attorney Darren Heitner said the athletes who appeared on the cover earned more money by being on the cover.

Below are the players featured on the cover of the Deluxe EA College Football 25 edition of the game. They are arranged in order from left to right from the center.

  • Donovan Edwards, RB, Michigan State: Edwards will be front and center on the cover as one of the offensive leaders for last season’s national champions. He only scored five touchdowns behind running back Blake Column, a year behind him, but should be able to get the majority of the carries as Michigan’s lead.
  • Quinn Ewers, QB, Texas: Ewers is the signal caller for what has long been the best team in Texas. Despite missing several games due to injury, Ewers scored 22 touchdowns and only six interceptions. As Texas moves into the SEC, the Longhorns need Ewers to continue his development in a stronger conference.
  • Jalen Milroe, QB, Alabama: Milroe is one of the most explosive running QBs in the country. In his first year as a starter at Alabama, he scored 12 touchdowns, threw for 23 more and was named a Heisman finalist. Nick Saban is gone as Alabama enters the new year, but with a big playmaker like Milroe at QB, the Tide could still be successful.
  • Carson Beck, QB, Georgia: After a breakout year with the Bulldogs, Beck moves back to center and could potentially be the best QB in the nation. In his first year as a starter, Beck threw for 24 touchdowns and nearly 4,000 yards. With much of the offensive line currently out of Athens, the Bulldogs will need the best talent in Beck who can solidify his position as the top QB in the country.
  • Quinshon Judkins, RB; Ohio: Judkins transferred to Ohio State after two great seasons at Ole Miss. Judkins rushed for over 1,000 yards and 31 total touchdowns every season at Oxford. He brings that agility and smooth running style to Columbus. So the Buckeyes have a deep roster to prepare for a deep run in the CFP.
  • Travis Hunter, WR/CB, Colorado State: One of the most dynamic players in college football, Hunter is a two-way star in Boulder. As a corner, Hunter had five pass deflections and three pass interceptions, and on offense he caught 57 passes for 721 yards and five touchdowns. It is expected that many people will use Hunter once the game is released. That’s what makes him such a fun person.

In addition to the cover release, EA has a countdown timer It’s set to be released on May 16th, and it looks like more news and possibly a gameplay trailer will be promoted on that day.

I will quit my job the moment this game is released. I canceled all my plans and most people won’t see me for at least a week. The games that brought us Dynasty and Road to Glory are coming back, and as long as they bring them back, I’m all for it.