Met apologises for calling antisemitism campaigner ‘openly Jewish’ | Antisemitism

The Metropolitan Police has apologized after a police officer used the term “openly Jewish” to describe an anti-Semitic activist who was threatened with arrest near a pro-Palestinian march.

Anti-Semitism chief executive Gideon Falter was wearing a Kippa skull cap when he was stopped as he crossed the road near a demonstration in London’s Aldwych district last Saturday afternoon. .

The video clip shows a police officer telling him, “You are openly Jewish. This is a pro-Palestinian march. I’m not accusing you of anything, but your presence is I’m worried about the reaction to this,” he was shown saying.

Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner Matt Twist said the officer’s “inappropriate” choice of words was “deeply regrettable”.

He said: “The video posted by the Anti-Semitism Campaign will further undermine the trust of many Jewish Londoners, which is the opposite of what any of us want.” Told. It is deeply regrettable that one of our staff members used the term “openly Jewish.”

“This is in no way the basis for our decision-making. It was a poor choice of words, and although it was not intended, we know it may have offended many people. We apologize. I apologize.”

Last Saturday, tens of thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters gathered in London to demand a ceasefire and appeal to the government to halt all arms sales to Israel.

Falter said he was walking through the capital after attending a synagogue and was not there to protest.

In the video, another officer tells him: “We have troops here now. You will be escorted out of this area, so you are free to do your work and go wherever you like. Otherwise, you will have peace with all the other people.” You are infringing and will be arrested if you choose to remain here.”

Officers said Falter’s presence was “hostile.”

Mr Falter said afterwards: “Despite being repeatedly told while the march was taking place that London was safe for Jews, interactions with police officers last Saturday showed that the Met was openly Jewish and anti-Israel.” “It turns out that it antagonizes the marchers and that they believe that Jews need protection,” the police cannot guarantee.

“Rather than addressing the threat of anti-Semitic violence, the Met’s policy appears to be that law-abiding Jewish Londoners should not remain in areas of London where demonstrations are taking place. In other words, it is a no-go area for Jews.

Mr Falter said he planned to walk through London on April 27, adding that no part of the capital should be unsafe.