Michael Douglas Says Playing a 70-Year-Old Benjamin Franklin in a TV Show Gives Him Hope About 81-Year-Old Joe Biden

Hollywood star Michael Douglas has played Benjamin Franklin when the founding father was 70 years old, raising hopes that 81-year-old President Joe Biden is not too old to serve another term. He said he was able to hold it.

In an interview with GQMichael Douglas talks about new Apple TV+ limited series franklina dramatization of the elder statesman’s years in France from 1776.

“I was immediately shocked. For example, 70 years old — in 1800 in England and America, the average life expectancy was 39 years. I think that gave me a lot of confidence in Joe Biden, and It reminded us that we can last much longer than we think,” the actor said.

His comments come amid concerns on both sides of the political divide that Biden is too old to be president.

Since the 2016 campaign, Biden has shown clear signs of cognitive decline, often stumbling during speeches or losing his train of thought mid-sentence. He often appears confused in public and has been seen on several occasions being led by First Lady Jill Biden.

He has also fallen several times.

A recent Quinnipiac poll found that 67% of voters think Biden is too old to serve a second term.

A New York Times poll on a similar topic concluded that 73% of voters think Biden’s age will affect his effectiveness.

Even ultra-leftist Fran Libowitz said she believes Biden is “too old” to run again.

If re-elected, Mr. Biden will be 86 years old by the end of his second term.

Michael Douglas, 79, is a longtime Democrat who has supported many left-wing politicians, including Obama. In 2016, the actor endorsed billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

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