Migrant meal madness: Taxpayers foot $64 daily tab for illegal aliens

The rising costs of the immigration crisis are upon us again. According to a new report from CBS News, businesses in Massachusetts are charging $16 per day for breakfast, $17 for lunch and $31 for dinner per immigrant served by the state. Businesses bill the state, and the state passes the cost on to taxpayers.

This tab totals $64 per person per day. In other words, the cost will be about $450 per person per week, or about $2,000 per month. For a family of four, the cost balloons to about $256 per day, $1,792 per week, or $7,680 per month.

These generous welfare benefits are actually starting to add up.

Would you spend $64 a day on food? Can a family of four afford to spend $256 a day on food? If these prices seem prohibitively high, that’s because they are. is. Many taxpayers can feed a family of four by ordering pizza for dinner for about $50. But taxpayers budget about $124 to provide dinner for an immigrant family of four. This is well over twice the amount we spend on ourselves.

If a newly arrived immigrant family claims this benefit for a full year, which doesn’t seem unreasonable given the circumstances, the state would pay more than $92,000. just to feed them. That doesn’t take into account emergency medical expenses, the cost of a roof over your head, or the cost of your children’s education, which are required by state law. The median household income in Massachusetts is about $89,000, one of the highest in the nation, but that sum likely won’t even cover the food costs currently being paid to new arrivals.

Massachusetts taxpayers are in trouble because state House leadership is simply throwing taxpayer money at the problem. Unlike the hard-working taxpayers who actually pay the bills, politicians on Beacon Hill don’t seem to see an urgent need for magnet policy changes.

These new numbers are for food only and do not take into account the amount state taxpayers spend on Right to Shelter Act benefits, which are estimated at about $1 billion a year. As the only state in the nation to offer this right, the law allows any immigrant to come to Massachusetts to automatically receive taxpayer-funded shelter.

Gov. Maura Healey (D) has attempted to cap the program informally by announcing the number of families that can be physically accommodated, but that doesn’t seem to be working well for her administration. If you’re a town or city facing challenges that require roads to be repaired or city halls to be repaired, think about it this way. The state ends up spending about $3 million a day on immigrant housing situations, instead of that money going toward local needs. Towns and cities he could do a lot with $3 million a day.

In December, the Massachusetts General Assembly passed and Healey signed a temporary appropriation bill to provide more tax dollars to the emergency shelter system. This included new policies that would make some immigrants eligible for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits. These generous benefits cover the purchase of groceries at the grocery store. SNAP payments are $291 per person per month, $535 for two people, and $766 for a family of three.

These generous welfare benefits are actually starting to add up. Housing costs about $3 million a day. SNAP benefits are $291 per month per immigrant. Meals cost about $64 a day. And don’t forget about expensive emergency medical care. Once you start doing the math, you quickly realize that the state pays immigrants more than many hard-working Bay State taxpayers can afford to pay in their daily lives.

What will the country do next? Mr. Healey and state House leaders need to change the perception that policy wins and losses are determined by how much money can be thrown at a problem. Simply throwing money at a problem creates a costly situation like the one we find ourselves in now. Continuing down this path is not sustainable.

The current national policy that makes our country a magnet is not leadership. That’s stupidity. It’s not producing results and causing more problems.Until then There’s enough pressure on state legislative leaders., they will continue to waste our precious tax dollars and demand more from us. The immigration situation is largely the result of Joe Biden’s mishandling of the southern border and Congressional inaction, but the actions of Governor Healey and the Massachusetts Legislature so far have been inadequate and costly.



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