NC State swimmer Owen Lloyd stripped of title at ACC championships after celebrating with teammate

A North Carolina State swimmer was stripped of his conference title Saturday after celebrating with teammates who denounced a controversial technique as “the stupidest thing in swimming.”

All-American senior Owen Lloyd took first place in the 1,650-yard freestyle at the ACC Swimming and Diving Championships, touching the wall in just 14 minutes, 37.04 seconds to reach the top of the podium.

Lloyd’s teammate Ross Dant finished the race in second place just seconds later.

Owen Lloyd was disqualified as he celebrated with his teammates after touching the wall and winning first place. YouTube

Lloyd went over the hurdle and tried to reach out to Dant to celebrate, but fell into his teammate’s lane while the race was still on, which was noticed by race officials.

Officials disqualified Lloyd for “obstructing other swimmers.”

The NCAA states that “any athlete who interferes with another swimmer during a race will be disqualified from the race at the discretion of the referee.” NCAA Swimming and Diving Rulebook.

Lloyd’s teammate Ross Dunt called the ruling “the stupidest thing in swimming.” YouTube

Lloyd was visibly distraught when the moment he learned of his disqualification was captured on camera, burying his head in his hands by the pool.

“I am upset, angry and confused by what happened tonight, but I am not defeated.” Lloyd said on Instagram. “They can take away points and official wins, but they can never take away my drive, passion and love for the team.”

“While I’m sure there are lessons to be learned and that we can find a silver lining from this experience, I know that I’m not done yet and that all of this has only added fuel to the fire.” Masu.”

Danto, who took first place, said in a post-race interview, “the stupidest rule in swimming” to support his teammates.

“I think that’s the stupidest rule in swimming. Owen beat me fair and square. He should be on that podium. Danto rang out on the ACC network broadcast.

“He was excited. It was a big win for him. He earned it and that’s how he feels. When you do well in the sport of swimming, that’s what you get. We has been training all year for a moment like that, and disqualifying him would be the stupidest thing ever,” he added.

The moment Lloyd learned of his disqualification was captured on camera and he buried his head in his hands. YouTube

Danto is still listed as the champion, but stated during the ceremony that he would not represent himself as the first place winner, ensuring that Lloyd would stand as the winner.

So far, NCAA representatives have not yet elaborated on the ruling and why they used it to disqualify Lloyd.

Fans were also critical of the ruling that stripped Lloyd of his title, blaming the NCAA for what many felt was wrong.

“What a ridiculous technique. The effort and sacrifice that went into that victory…I can’t understand how painful it is. It’s wrong,” a fan said on X (officially known as Twitter).

“can’t believe it [it]. Athletes in both lanes have completed their swims. Time was recorded. Other competitors in the race are not affected. Her two friends sharing a happy and not unpleasant celebratory moment. Incorrect,” Another furious fan claimed:

“A conference that can’t get out of its own way when it comes to bad decisions. Sometimes I wonder if the NCAA makes more sense with the decisions it makes. That’s saying something.” One of them said that and fired at ACC.