New details of Scottie Scheffler incident emerge from ESPN host

Was it a simple misunderstanding or something more?

Scottie Scheffler was trying to play for the PGA Championship even though he was arrested outside Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky, hours before teeing off on Friday morning as he and Detective Brian Gillis became embroiled. He tried to downplay most of the driving accidents that occurred.

A Louisville Police Department investigation report describes an even more horrifying ordeal for Gillis, who had to go to the hospital after running into the world’s No. 1 golfer.

Scotty Scheffler will be arrested by police on May 17, 2024. AP

ESPN’s Bob Wishusen, the Jets’ play-by-play voice on ESPN NY Radio, was in the van with Jeff Darlington, who recorded Scheffler’s arrest on his cell phone and covered the day’s events extensively. Ta.

While remaining in the van, Wishusen followed up on the standoff and provided new details and additional context on the scene that shocked the sports world. He spoke in an exclusive interview with

A longtime ESPN voice said Gillis approached Scheffler’s car as the car passed the ESPN van on the left.

“Hey, hey, hey, who are you? Where are you going? Get back in line. You’re not allowed to pass through here,” Wishusen said of the first exchange between Gillis and Scheffler, 27. talked about.

The situation escalated after Scheffler advanced to a distance Darlington described as 10 to 20 yards.

“when [Scheffler] As he drove past him, the police officer became very angry and chased the car. … My impression was that he was kind of following the car, running alongside it, and maybe he tripped and fell,” Wishusen said.

Scottie Scheffler plays in the second round of the PGA Championship after being arrested. Getty Images

“I mean, there was something like an outcrop or a median strip by the main gate. And keep in mind, it was raining. It was 6 o’clock in the morning. It was dark.”

Scheffler’s attorney, Steve Romines, denied reports that charges against the golfer would be dropped. Arraignment was postponed to June 3.

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Scheffler, who finished tied for eighth at the PGA Championship, is charged with second-degree assault on a police officer, third-degree criminal damage to property, reckless driving and failing to signal a police officer while directing traffic.

Scottie Scheffler during the final round of the PGA Championship. Getty Images

Gillis was “dragged” by Scheffler’s car and suffered injuries to his wrist and knee, according to a police investigation report.

This quote contradicts Wischusen and Darlington’s eyewitness accounts that Gillis was “stuck” in Scheffler’s car.

Gillis was not wearing a body camera or had it on, making these eyewitness accounts a key part of the case.

Wishusen said he had not yet heard from any attorneys as of Friday night.

The scene outside Valhalla Golf Club on Friday morning. AP

“I think they would probably go to Jeff first because (a) our cases are essentially the same and (b) he had more information than any of us.” said Wishusen. “He jumped out of the car and actually recorded in detail what was going on, asked some questions and shot a video. My own guess is that if neither side asked any of us… If we don’t communicate, that to me means both sides will say this should never have happened. Let’s all agree to let bygones be bygones. head is widespread.”