NJ teacher groomed, groped 14-year-old girl in hallway: lawsuit

The parents of a 14-year-old New Jersey girl who was allegedly sexually abused by a female teacher and mentor are now suing, claiming the educator groomed their daughter by talking to her sexually. has released disturbing new details about how she allegedly groped her breasts at school. corridor.

The accusations have torn the community of Marlboro, New Jersey, with some parents furious, claiming the district and police mishandled the incident and were slow to respond.

Jenna Shabika, a special education language arts teacher, fondled the girl at Marlboro Memorial Middle School on March 13, her family alleges in court papers filed May 1 in Monmouth County Superior Court. .

Jenna Shabika, a special education language arts teacher at the center of the firestorm, fondled the girl’s breasts in the school hallway on March 13, her family alleged in court documents. Jenna Shabika
The accusations have torn the Marlboro community and infuriated parents who say the district was silent about the accusations while police mishandled the case.

The student was walking to class when Shabika “happened to be standing at the entrance to her classroom” and called for him, the family claimed.

The boy walked up to Shavitsa and “Shavita began caressing and rubbing the girl’s breasts.”
one hand. According to her court documents, he poked, groped, massaged and fondled her breasts.

Then the teacher took the back of her hand and placed it on the girl’s forehead. [the girl] It has become hot. ”

Shabika then “started rubbing her body with both hands…poking,” Shabika said.
and touching both inappropriately. [the teen’s] “It’s her breasts,” her family claimed.

“While this was happening, Jenna Shabika had a satisfied smile on her face. [the teen] was
She remained frozen in shock, according to court documents.

The girl then blocked Shabika’s hand by “pulling it away from her chest” and ran down the hallway. Another teacher there who witnessed the incident heard Shabika yell to her girl, “She wants to come back here and feel and touch her again.”

The alleged victim’s mother told the Marlboro School Board that Shabika was a “predator.”
the April 16 meeting, according to video reviewed by the Post. Instagram @jenna0685

Assault “was.” . “It was completely captured on camera,” the filing states.

The family said in the lawsuit that Shabika “already knew the girl very well” as she had been a tutor for her younger siblings with special needs for more than a year.

The family also claimed that the teacher “routinely and openly engaged in sexually explicit and flirtatious conversations with female students in classrooms and in front of other teachers.”

The 14-year-old Marlboro Memorial Middle School student was walking to class when Shabika “happened to be standing at the entrance to his classroom” and called over him, his family alleges.

Another girl, who is not part of the lawsuit, claims Shabika repeatedly tried to get her phone number.

The student said Shabika talked about other teachers and men’s penis sizes and “openly talked about his sex life to students between the ages of 10 and 14,” according to the complaint.

The second girl reported Shabika’s “inappropriate conversations” to a school guidance counselor, but nothing was done, the family alleges.

The alleged victim’s mother said during an April 16 public meeting of the Marlboro School Board that Shabika is a “predator.” Her mother claimed that the commission “failed to prevent the atrocities that occurred in the hallways.”

The day after the meeting, more than a month after the incident, Marlboro police charged the suspended teacher with one count of harassment, a misdemeanor.

The suspended teacher was charged on April 17 with one count of harassment, according to Marlborough police. Google

In addition to Shavitza, the lawsuit filed this week also names the school district, the school board and the Marlboro superintendent.

It seeks unspecified damages.

Additional defendants are also accused of lying about the case and the investigation, or of making defamatory or defamatory statements.

“We clearly believe in this lawsuit. . . . This is a baseless and defamatory accusation that is nothing more than a money grab,” Shabika’s attorney, Mitchell Ansell, told the Post. “The woman who brought this frivolous lawsuit has welcomed my client into her home for the past three years and treated her like family. They treated my client as if she were her aunt.”

The lawyer said the parents’ claims that Shavitsa was “sexually grooming” their daughter were “absolutely outrageous”.

Furthermore, he added: “My client has been teaching students faithfully and professionally for the better part of 15 years. She has an impeccable track record and has received countless messages of support since being charged. We are confident that once all the facts and relevant evidence are heard in court and not on social media, the truth will come out and my client will be fully exonerated.”

Lawyers for the plaintiffs did not return messages.