North Korea Dumps 260+ Balloons Full of Garbage and Feces into South Korea

North Korea on Wednesday sent a swarm of balloons loaded with garbage and excrement over the border and sounded air raid sirens in areas along the South Korean border.

North Korea’s move appeared to be a response to South Korean groups that occasionally send balloons carrying leaflets, music and videos to the North. Warned They were preparing a “retaliatory action” using “large amounts of newspapers and filth” in retaliation against Korean leaflet distributors.

Late Tuesday night, residents near the border town of Panmunjom in South Korea’s Gyeonggi province were surprised to see an “air raid warning” message appear on their mobile phones.

“An air raid? I panicked, I thought they were talking about some kind of attack,” a local resident said. Said Radio Free Asia (RFA).

The mobile phone alert urged citizens to report any sightings of unidentified flying objects. Gyeonggi provincial authorities later apologized for issuing the request in the context of an “air raid” warning that had panicked many living under North Korea’s vast missile and artillery arsenal.

The unidentified objects did indeed begin appearing in the sky overnight. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said they had tracked about 260 balloons sent from North Korea, some of which had traveled as far as Seoul and areas in the southeast. The JCS said this was the largest balloon launch by North Korea to date.

The balloons were found to be loaded with trash, North Korean propaganda leaflets, and in some cases human waste, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff sent military teams to test each balloon’s cargo for biological and radioactive contamination. advice Residents are asked to limit outdoor activities and avoid contact with the mystery object until testing is complete.

The owner of a vineyard in the South Korean city of Yongcheon woke up to a “banging noise” coming from one of his greenhouses on Wednesday morning and discovered that the greenhouse had been damaged by a pile of plastic waste and filth dumped by a North Korean balloon.

Other farmers report Bags of North Korean garbage were found scattered across rice fields and caught on electric wires.

South Korean media published photos of large white balloons, sometimes multiple balloons tied to larger loads, some of which landed so hard on the ground that they burst into garbage bags and scattered them on the ground.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said North Korea’s actions were “a clear violation of international law and pose a serious threat to the safety of our people.”

“We sternly warn North Korea to immediately stop its inhumane and despicable acts,” the South Korean statement said.