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NYC teacher group behind anti-Israel protests gets thousands from Soros fund

A group of New York City public school teachers behind a controversial pro-Palestinian student strike received thousands of dollars from George Soros’ Taze Foundation, The Washington Post has learned.

Teachers Unite, a registered nonprofit based in Manhattan’s Financial District, received $11,000 in 2023 from the billionaire left-wing investor’s social justice charity.

According to tax filings and its website, Teachers Unite’s mission is to “foster leadership skills in progressive educators” and to fight the “school-to-prison pipeline.”

Teachers Unite, a nonprofit group of New York City public school teachers, has received thousands of dollars from George Soros’ Tides Foundation, records show. AP
Teachers Unite, a registered nonprofit based in Manhattan’s Financial District, received $11,000 in 2023 from George Soros’ Tides Foundation. Retrieved from The New York Post

But in recent months, teachers groups have been pushing for controversial anti-Israel walkouts in New York City public schools and holding organizing meetings in schools across the city, according to Instagram posts.

The group shared an eight-page toolkit for strikers, calling for them to “Liberate Palestine from the River to the Sea” and to “protect teachers who face retaliation from school administrators and parents for teaching about Palestine.”

The group is led by co-executive directors Charlotte Pope and Bella Weeks, whose names do not appear on city payroll records.

At least one recent board member is a member of the powerful National Teachers Union.

Images and flyers shared on social media by Teachers Unite showed pro-Palestinian organising rallies taking place across schools across the city. Instagram @teachersunitenyc

The group reported revenue of about $400,000 in 2022, with Weeks earning a salary of $66,000 and Pope earning $12,000, according to IRS filings.

The group received its first funding from Soros in 2023, according to its annual report, and has also received support from Radfund, an organization focused on “frontline communities” and “structural inequalities,” and the Community Fund for Police Reform.

Community Police Reform Fund Program Supporters Provide alternatives to police, prisons and jails.

According to its annual report, Teachers Unite gets 80% of its funding from these three organisations and several others.

Several of Soros’s organizations have funded pro-Palestinian campus camps, while his Taiz Foundation has been found to have supported at least one group focused on New York City public schools. AP

The Tides Foundation also donates to WESPAC, according to 2022 filings. Reportedly Funded Within Our Lifetime and National Students for Justice in Palestine are two of the groups behind many of the demonstrations that have taken place on campuses since the October 7 Israeli attack.

Encampments that popped up across campuses this spring were found to have been organized by Students for Justice in Palestine, a group funded by Soros.