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NYT Claims Reagan Withheld Arms from Israel, Like Biden

Claim: President Ronald Reagan, like President Joe Biden, withheld arms from Israel in order to influence Israel’s military policy.

Verdict: Misleading. Reagan acted within the law, but also under the completely different circumstances of withholding his weapons.

of new york timesPeter Baker, who won a Pulitzer Prize for false reporting in newspapers about “Russian collusion,” wrote Friday that President Ronald Reagan also withheld arms from Israel over concerns about their use.

Baker’s aim is to article The move appears to be an attempt to salvage some of the criticism Biden has faced since his administration confirmed earlier this week that it was withholding bombs and artillery supplies from Israel over Operation Rafah.

Baker points out that the Reagan administration several times delayed the sale of fighter jets and the shipment of cluster munitions to Israel.

In 1981, President Reagan delayed the shipment of four F-16s to Israel due to Israel’s successful attack on Iraq’s nuclear program, which the United States later acknowledged was a beneficial operation.

In 1982, President Reagan delayed arms shipments over concerns that Israel’s actions during the Lebanon War against Palestinian guerrillas were endangering the local population. Like Hamas in Gaza, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) hides out in civilian areas and shells civilian cities in northern Israel from there.

“Indeed, Mr. Reagan has used American weapons power on several occasions to influence Israeli war policy, at various points delaying or withholding the deployment of fighter jets and cluster munitions,” Baker said. I ordered him to do so,” he said.

But there are some important differences between what President Reagan did in the early 1980s and what Biden is doing today.

First, President Reagan acted within the law requiring the president to notify Congress of any suspension of arms sales or deliveries.biden did not obey It ignores the Confiscation Control Act (ICA) process and keeps Congress in the dark.

Second, both the Iraq nuclear attack and the Lebanon War were, to some extent, wars of choice in that Israel made the decision to attack. The current war in Gaza is a response to the unprovoked and brutal terrorist attack of October 7th.

It is another thing to delay or deny arms to an ally that has made a calculated decision to attack the enemy. It is quite another to delay or deny arms to an ally invaded by terrorists who have targeted and kidnapped civilians.

Third, the Republican Party itself was not considered as pro-Israel as it is today, so Reagan’s policies were less controversial.Republican policy at the time focused more on Arab countries whose oil supplies were vital to the United States.

Biden’s decision not to carry weapons could be interpreted as a betrayal, both because Biden has long touted his pro-Israel credentials and because he has made specific promises to Israel to help it defeat and destroy Hamas. has been done.

So while it is true that Reagan and other U.S. presidents have put pressure on Israel to delay, deny, and provide weapons, Israel is still under attack and Israeli hostages are still being held captive. It is unprecedented that such pressure was applied while the country was still in the country.

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