Oregon Dems Surrender to Reality with Move to Recriminalize Drugs

Back in George Floyd’s first year (2020), Democrats in Oregon decriminalized drug use. Then reality came crashing down, and now Oregon Democrats are seeking to recriminalize drug use.

In November 2020, Oregon’s insane voters passed Measure 110 by a 60 percent margin. guardian explain countermeasure:

States will dismantle existing punitive and inefficient systems that criminalize drugs and build new ones in their place. People would face no criminal penalties for possessing small amounts of substances like fentanyl or methamphetamine. Long calcified pathways through the criminal justice system that have reinforced social inequalities will be abandoned. Hundreds of millions of dollars in funding from the state’s legal cannabis tax would make treatment options widely available for people struggling with addiction.

of result?

Since the pandemic began, Oregon has had the fastest increase in overdose deaths in the country, by a whopping 1,500%, according to recent federal data. Nearly 1,000 people died from opiate overdoses in Oregon in 2022. Public health officials have warned that the crisis shows no signs of abating.

of result?

There were roughly four times as many homicides in 2022 as there were the previous year, according to data from the mayor’s office. [Portland’s] The 20-year average has been 96 homicides, significantly more than any other West Coast city.


A large homeless encampment has forced the LPGA tournament to be moved from Portland, Oregon to West Linn, Oregon.


The homeless encampment on North Portland’s Peninsula Crossing Trail, about 8 miles from downtown, has turned what was once a desirable area into a dangerous area, with some longtime residents even leaving. , some people are considering eviction.

Of course.

Oregon and Portland also turned a blind eye to weeks of Black Lives Matter riots, which created a sense of lawlessness and led to more crime.

Now, that reality can no longer be denied.[A] A bill to rescind Oregon’s drug decriminalization law passes Congress. ” report oregon live. “[T]His prospect of recriminalizing drug possession for minors overshadows every other aspect of the bill, which would roll back Measure 110 passed by state voters in 2020. ”

“Other aspects” include $211 million in new spending for “specialty courts,” “shovel-ready projects,” aimed at addressing addiction and mental health. [and] Drugs that help treat people in prison suffering from opioid addiction[.]”

The keyword there is “helping people heal.” in prison

We are already seeing the negative effects of marijuana decriminalization. The idiots in Oregon went even further. All drugs were decriminalized, including heroin and fentanyl.

You have to love the arrogant leftists who think they know better through some sort of enlightenment that never includes looking back at what actually worked. With an issue as important as this, how can we not humbly reflect and recognize that our society has been through this before? The drug boom of the ’60s, ’70s, and early ’80s created a nightmare for our cities: a nightmare of overdoses and violent crime. And in his ’90s, we figured out how to fix it, or at least deal with it, and the city that ushered in the urban miracle that then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani created in New York came back to life.

Decriminalizing drugs will always create more drug addicts, which means more tent cities, more violent crime, and a collapse in living standards in cities.

I’m really glad I lived here. Yes, we have an opioid problem too. Human nature is human nature. But this problem cannot be helped by decriminalization, nor can it be allowed to destroy the living standards of law-abiding people.

I love seeing Democrats get what they vote for. Plus, I love to see them backtrack like this and be forced to admit how wrong they are. If Portland ever recovers, it will take more than a decade. Hey, but at least you stopped tweeting so mean.


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