Oregon man narrowly misses being sliced in half by runaway sawblade, terrifying footage shows: ‘I need a beer’

Shocking video shows an Oregon man narrowly escaped death after an out-of-control saw blade crashed through a parking lot and into a building.

On Thursday, Shane Reimsch was entering the KwikTrips Neighborhood Market in Eugene when a concrete saw came loose from a nearby construction site.

surveillance video Obtained by KEZI It shows Reimche casually walking into the store. Just seconds later, the nearly 4-foot-tall blade went through a car parked on the lot, skidded down the sidewalk, and slammed into the store’s exterior wall just inches from the door.

“When I put my hand on the door, I heard a loud bang and screams,” Reimsch recalled. “I just saw smoke rising and a man falling into the ditch. And then there was this 4-foot-tall knife pointing at me.”

“I was able to duck behind the counter at the last minute,” he added.

The saw blade nearly killed Mr. Reimsch seconds after he entered the store in Eugene, Oregon. Keji
The saw blade came loose at a nearby construction site where a worker was repairing a leaking valve. Keji

Store owner Amit Grewal said the impact was so great that it “shaked the whole store.”

“We were standing behind the counter and all we could hear was the sound of metal rolling down the street,” he told the outlet. “It was just the wind. All of a sudden I heard a loud bang.”

The deadly blade had fallen off a nearby construction site by Northwest Natural Gas and two of its contracting companies, Brix Paving Northwest and Integrity Traffic.

A contractor witness told KEZI that a bolt may have come loose or there may have been operator error while repairing a leaking gas valve.

In a statement, the gas company said it was glad no one was injured in the bizarre incident and blamed the contractor.

Shane Reimsch said he hugged his children and cried after the terrifying ordeal. Keji
The knife failed to penetrate the store’s front door by several inches. Keji

The deep cut from the blade was still outside the door.

“Oh my god, I was in tears all night. It was petrifying. I was shaking in the store,” he told KEZI. “It took me a little while to be able to talk. That was huge. I see a hole in the wall.”

After the incident, he said he hugged his children tightly and cried with them.

“Obviously it wasn’t my time, but it was probably the closest I’ve ever had,” Reimsch said.

“I don’t think I would have survived if I had been exposed to something like that,” he added. “I need a beer. I’m still upset. It’s nine o’clock. I won’t be working today.”