‘Out Of Your Mind!’: Rosie O’Donnell Flips Out Over Trump After Preaching On Americans Needing To ‘Unite’

Celebrity Rosie O’Donnell flipped out about NewsNation host Bill O’Reilly’s take on former President Donald Trump’s leadership during a show Wednesday after preaching about how Americans needed to “unite.”

O’Donnell appeared on “Cuomo” to discuss the previous attacks she’s received over the years from Trump, as well as the indictments placed against him as he began another trial Monday. Following a statement from O’Reilly on why he previously pushed back on Trump’s comments of O’Donnell, noting he would continue to “challenge” anyone including the celebrity, O’Donnell jumped in to “agree” with him. (RELATED: ‘Lied With Impunity’: National Guard Whistleblowers Accuse Army Leaders Of Covering Up Jan. 6 Deployment Delay)

“I agree with you [Bill] and I think that no matter who wins in November, this country has a lot of healing to do. We have to forgive each other for our trespasses and our misconceptions. And then try to reunite as one country, united, and that’s the dangerous thing that’s happening when I say, Chris, Democracy is on trial. It’s because without this, we’re nothing as a nation. We have to get everyone back together again in some way,” O’Donnell stated.

However, O’Reilly quickly pushed back on O’Donnell’s statement, pointing out that “demonizing” Trump supporters wouldn’t bring everyone together.

“Okay, but Rosie with all due respect, you’re not going to be successful saying ‘democracy is on trial’ and anybody who supports Donald Trump is a fascist. You’re not. I mean those people are going to reject you 100% because there’s a lot more to it than you are presenting,” O’Reilly stated.

“Well, wait -” O’Donnell attempted to interrupt.

“Wait a minute, hear me out. Donald Trump presided over the country for four years and there was no attack on democracy until January 6. And that was a large mistake that he made. I don’t think he was behind it, I think that if that trial ever gets up he’ll be acquitted – it’s too much exculpatory evidence,” O’Reilly stated.

“No way! No way,” O’Donnell jumped in.

“But you’re not going to bring anybody together, demonizing Trump and the 72 million who voted for him. That’s not going to happen,” O’Reilly concluded.

Show host Cris Cuomo jumped in to ask O’Donnell her thoughts on what her goal and “hope” is regarding her message to voters. O’Donnell stated that she hoped America would continue as a “democracy,” calling Trump a “dictator” as she stated that she forgives Trump supporters for being lied to. As O’Reilly teased about making a bet on Trump’s non-existent insurrection charges, he continued to note his support of people being “better off” under the Trump administration which triggered the celebrity.

“I’m not really fearful of our Democracy because there isn’t anybody more outspoken in this country than I am about politics and other things, and my freedom was not impeded one iota during the Trump Administration. And I don’t know any broadcaster’s freedom who was. You still had ‘The View’ on every day pounding Trump into pudding, nothing happens. All the working people I know we’re better off under Donald Trump, so there wasn’t any economic consequence. So I really don’t know what the hyperbole is, and I reject it,” O’Reilly stated.

“That’s bull! That’s bull. That’s bull! Bill, how many Americans did he kill by his COVID inaction? Let’s start right there. Are you kidding me? People were better with him? You’re out of your mind! Out of your mind,” O’Donnell shouted.

“COVID inaction? He, Trump, brought through a deal with the Pharma companies. Brought a vaccine to the nation in less than a year. Okay?” O’Reilly pushed back.

“Operation warp speed, he definitely brought the vaccine. He was slow at the beginning, and then he got cold feet about the vaccine when people went anti-vax on him. That’s the story that the American people have to reconcile with their vote in November,” Cuomo jumped in.

The feud between O’Donnell and Trump predates the former president’s administration, originally beginning in December 2006, according to CNN. During the time, Trump decided not to fire Miss USA Tara Conner after she was found to be involved in drug use, underage drinking and sexual activities. O’Donnell, who was a co-host on “The View” called out the decision and noted that she doesn’t “enjoy” Trump, the outlet reported. O’Donnell additionally slammed the former president for not being a “snake-oil salesman on Little House On The Prairie” and called out his multiple marriages.

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