Paris Police Shoot and Kill Sudanese Man Armed With a Butcher’s Knife

French police shot dead a Sudanese man with a meat cleaver as he tried to attack passengers on a Paris tram early Saturday morning.

A 40-year-old man from Sudan, wearing a North African djellaba robe and holding a “notebook with Arabic writing” in one hand and brandishing a butcher’s blade in the other, was arrested in Paris at around 3 a.m. shot dead by police. saturday morning, le figaro report.

According to police information, the Sudanese man asked a passenger on the train for a lighter, but when he was refused, he pulled out a meat cleaver from his Moroccan-style dress and tried to attack the passenger.

The passenger was able to evade the attack and immediately called the police. The Paris public prosecutor’s office said officers found the African man “holding a butcher knife in one hand and a notebook with Arabic writing in the other.”

Police ordered him to drop his weapon, but the Sudanese man did not respond, only saying “words in Arabic.”

Officers initially used a Taser on the knifeman, but he remained undaunted and attempted to rush the Railway Brigade officers with the knife. At this point, the police opened fire on the attacker, firing approximately 20 shots, one of which struck the Sudanese man in the head, killing him at the scene.

The local prosecutor’s office has opened two investigations, one against the deceased attacker for “deliberate attempted murder against a person in public authority” and the other against the police officer who killed the knife wielder. He was charged with “intentional assault resulting in death by a police officer.”

The incident comes just days after another knife attack in which a Malian man stabbed three people at a Paris train station. He reportedly confessed to “wanting to attack French people” and had previously expressed anger about France’s colonial history in Africa, but authorities chose not to treat the attack as an act of terrorism. are doing.

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