‘Phony Attempt’ to Cover Up ‘Far-Left’ Agenda

Republican senators denounced increased tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles announced by the Biden administration on Tuesday as an attempt by President Joe Biden to tighten environmental policies at the expense of U.S. automakers.

Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio), a strong advocate for American manufacturing, told Breitbart News in a statement:

Joe Biden’s electric vehicle mandate has been a complete disaster for American auto workers. This is a false attempt to cover up the fact that his far-left environmental policies are causing significant damage to one of our most important industries. When Donald Trump returns to the White House, America’s auto industry will come back bigger and better than ever.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), an ardent China hawk, also said in a statement to Breitbart News that after three years in office, the tariffs are too little too late.

Tariffs are a strategically important tool, but they must be used with foresight, not hindsight. While these tariffs are good measures, President Biden’s delays are already damaging. For too long, American manufacturers have been crushed by China’s unfair competition.

Rubio also sent a letter to the Biden administration asking why it is raising tariffs only on electric vehicles (EVs) and not Chinese-made internal combustion engine vehicles. The letter said:

It is imperative that the updated tariff regime adequately address the extinction-level threat that Chinese vehicles, both internal combustion engine vehicles and electric vehicles, pose to U.S. automakers and the workers they employ. We urge you to reconsider this reckless, half-hearted decision that jeopardizes the future of American automakers.

Republicans believe that Biden’s March executive order, which aims to make the majority of cars sold in the United States by 2027 electric or hybrid, will do far more than tariffs will help the U.S. auto industry. They argue that it will have a major negative impact.

Rubio said that “both” China’s electric and internal combustion engine vehicles pose an “extinction-level” threat to U.S. automakers and the workers they employ. “I urge you to reconsider this reckless, half-hearted decision that puts the future of American automakers at risk,” he said.

Both Vance and Rubio have emerged as potential candidates to be President Trump’s running mate. On Tuesday, Mr. Vance accompanied Mr. Trump to a Manhattan courthouse, where Mr. Trump is fighting charges from Democratic District Attorney Alvin Bragg that he falsified his business records to win the 2016 election. ing.

Former President Donald Trump and his campaign issued similar statements separately. “Since China is now eating our lunch, we need to do the same with other vehicles and other products,” Trump told reporters.

Spokeswoman Caroline Levitt said in a statement:

The fact that these tariffs do not apply to gas-powered cars or trucks, but only to Chinese EVs, shows that they have nothing to do with protecting American workers. It’s all about Crooked Joe’s plan to phase out gas-powered cars while forcing Americans into super-expensive electric cars they don’t want and can’t afford.

The Biden administration also announced tariffs on medical equipment made in China, but one U.S. manufacturer criticized the tariffs as too little, too late and said they would do little to help the Biden administration.

“It’s too little, too late. While the administration was in limbo, China gained a dominant position in the U.S. market,” Scott Meyer, CEO of Blue Star NBR, told Breitbart News.

Some tariffs will increase this year to between 25% and 50%, but the 25% tariff on medical and surgical rubber gloves will not take effect until 2026.

As Breitbart News reported, a year into the Biden administration, China increased its share of medical gloves to the United States from 14.2 percent to 26.8 percent. In December 2023, its share increased to 44.15%, making it the top supplier in the United States.

In February, Breitbart News’ Matthew Boyle said, “If nothing changes at this rate, the United States will rely on China for about 60% of its domestic medical gloves by 2024.” Reported.

Meyer said the Biden administration should impose a 100% tariff on gloves made in China because even a 25% tariff on gloves made in China would still be cheaper than gloves made in the United States.

“Tariffs near 100 percent are necessary for a level global playing field where countries like the United States and Malaysia can compete. are in an extremely vulnerable position,” he said, adding:

We are moving toward relying on China for the majority of our nitrile gloves. This means China has significant influence, given its ability to influence not only our health care system, but also our first responders, sanitary food processing, and semiconductor factory construction that handle fentanyl. Masu. critical chip. This reinstatement of tariffs after an unacceptably long slide of two years appears to ignore everything China has done since the coronavirus outbreak over four years ago.

The tariffs would go into effect months before the 2024 election.

politiko report On Wednesday, the Biden administration actually wanted to lower some tariffs on “thousands of consumer products” and raise tariffs on clean energy and high-tech industries such as semiconductors, but any decision would be subject to internal discussions and announced that the desire to repair tariffs was hampered. relations between the United States and China.

Vulnerable Democrats in the Midwest also want the Biden administration to increase tariffs on China. Meanwhile, Republican presidential candidate Trump is calling for a significant increase in tariffs on China.

now, politiko The Biden administration “may have little choice but to double down on President Trump’s approach,” according to the report.

A trade lobbyist told the outlet that the administration had “stuck itself into a corner.”

Biden previewed his tariff announcement during a campaign in Pennsylvania in April, targeting steelworkers, a historically important voting bloc for Democrats.

“It’s a little strange that Mr. Biden is talking about tariffs as the election season heats up,” Meyer said.

“The fact that you are allowing China to gain more market share is what keeps us up at night,” he said. “China keeps increasing the size of all these medical consumables. If we get into a bigger trade war or something about Taiwan or other issues, China has very strong leverage. They can say, ‘Okay, we’re not going to send in a ship with all these supplies, so we’re going to shut down your health system in about 45 days.’

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