pic Games demands ‘inclusive word choice’ in coding

Video game developer Epic Games has released “coding standards” that call for inclusivity in programming, including using plural pronouns for singular people and avoiding the use of words like “master” and “slave.”

As part of its use of Unreal Engine 5, Epic Games is requiring its programmers to work with progressive gender and race ideals.

“At Epic Games, we have established some simple coding standards and conventions. This document reflects the current state of coding standards at Epic Games. Following the coding standards is mandatory,” the company said in a statement. site“Whatever language is used, it is expected to adhere to these standards,” it added.

Next to copyright notices and naming conventions, programmers encounter a certain religious fanaticism that they must adhere to at their company.

“Something other than a person that and the.

The first subsection of note is “Racial, Ethnic, and Religious Inclusivity,” which instructs programmers to avoid using metaphors or similes that “reinforce stereotypes.”

“For example, black and white contrast blacklist and WhitelistWords that “reference historical trauma or lived experiences of discrimination,” such as “slave, master and nuclear weapon,” are also banned.

No one will forget the next subheading, “Gender Inclusivity,” which requires employees to use “they, them, their” (even in the singular) when referring to fictional characters.

“Something other than a person that and the“For example, a module, plugin, function, client, server, or other software or hardware component,” the company said.

Inferring gender is also a violation of Epic Games’ language guidelines, which instruct users not to use collective nouns like “guys.” Phrases like “a poor man’s X” are also against the rules.

Epic Games also said that slang should be avoided because the game will be viewed by a global audience “who may not understand the same cultural references.”

Another term that the general public is less familiar with is “redundant words.” The gaming company said words like “abort,” “executive” and “native” need to be used “precisely,” taking into account the context in which they appear.

The developers of the game “Fortnite” have offered a list of new terms that are safer for programmers to use, suggesting terms like “deny list” and “avoid list” instead of “blacklist.”

Instead of “whitelist”, programmers can use “trust list” or “approval list”. As with “master”, words like “primary” are preferred, while for “slave”, examples include “worker” or “replica”.

Epic Games said that after the refresher training, the company’s leaders are “actively working to align our code with the above principles.”

Epic Games was founded in 1991 as Potomac Computer Systems and is headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, with approximately 4,000 employees.

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