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Two elderly journalists help lead authors in suing ChatGPT to protect the ‘written word’

GRAFTON, Massachusetts — After two octogenarian friends named Nick discovered that ChatGPT may have stolen and misappropriated their life’s research, they enlisted their son-in-law to sue the company behind the artificial intelligence chatbot. Veteran journalists Nicholas Gage, 84, and Nicholas Basbanez, 81, who live near each other in the same Massachusetts town, have each been […]

Joe Biden Asked for Help to Recall the Word ‘Veteran’

President Joe Biden has trouble remembering common words like “veteran.” The Wall Street Journal The news, reported on Monday, has raised concerns about the political viability of the president as he seeks another four-year term. A recent CBS News/YouGov poll found that 72% of registered voters believe Biden does not have the “mental” and “cognitive […]

Mets’ Jose Iglesias gets last word in Aroldis Chapman showdown

PITTSBURGH — Jose Iglesias has faced off against Aroldis Chapman since his days on opposing teams in Cuba nearly 20 years ago, so the Mets infielder was in the right position in the top of the ninth inning Sunday. Pirates closer Chapman had struck out the previous two batters with runners on base to tie […]

Give Biden ‘a Little Grace’, I ‘Want to Take His Word’

On “CNN News Central” on Thursday, Rep. Haley Stevens (D-Mich.) responded to a question about whether President Joe Biden is fit for the office by saying she “want to take him at his word” and that she’s “listening to a president that I trust” and that people should “give him a little leeway.” ” Stevens […]

Meta To End Ban On Word ‘Martyr’ After Year-Long Review

Meta is the parent company of Facebook and Instagram (among others). Meta Platforms said on Tuesday it was lifting its blanket ban on the word “shaheed,” meaning “martyr” in English, after a year-long investigation by the company’s oversight board found the social media giant’s approach was “too broad.” The company has long been criticized for […]

Trump to get final word at CNN debate after coin flip

Former President Trump will make the final remarks in next week’s first presidential debate, following a coin toss, CNN announced Thursday. The Biden campaign chose tails in the coin toss, winning the chance to choose the presidential position in exchange for a speaking slot, with Biden standing on the right side of the stage from […]