Police rule out terrorism as motive behind Kansas City Chiefs parade shooting; two teens in custody

The Kansas City Chiefs’ championship parade in Missouri, home state, ended in bloodshed Wednesday afternoon. As the festivities were ending, gunshots rang out on the west side of Union Station, causing panic and confusion.

Two heroic fathers managed to subdue one alleged gunman, but only after 22 people were injured and the beloved mother of his two children was killed.

Initially, it was not clear what had triggered this huge attack, but some suspected terrorism could have been the cause. Police later revealed that the attack was not caused by terrorism, but rather a personal “dispute” between several thugs.

Two teens are currently in custody. Police believe other people may have been involved in the shooting and may make more arrests.


according to The Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department said shots were first fired around 2 p.m. Wednesday west of Union Station, where a stage had been set up for speeches by Kansas City Chiefs players. It is estimated that close to 1 million people were gathered downtown at the time to celebrate the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory.

The shooting caused panic, causing some fans to evacuate and others to safety.

KCMPD Chief Stacey Graves
Confirmed Thursday’s shooting killed Elizabeth Galvan, 43, a radio disc jockey and mother of two, and injured at least 22 other people. The victims ranged in age from 8 to 47, and at least half of the injured were under 16.

Blaze News previously detailed how two fathers who were taking their children to the parade spotted and apprehended the suspected gunman.

Graves praised the efforts of bystanders to take action against evil.
report New York Times.

“They helped each other and even physically stopped the person they believed was involved in the incident,” Graves said. “Your selfless act did not go unnoticed.”


The grave is shown on Thursday
update “Preliminary findings indicate no link to terrorism or domestic violent extremism.”

“It appears there was an altercation between several people that ended in gunfire,” the police chief said.

Jacob Gooch Sr., a survivor of the shooting,
Said He told “CBS Mornings” that just before the shooting, he heard an “argument” in which the girl begged, “Stop it. Not here. This is ridiculous.”

“My daughter said some woman was holding him back and people started backing up, so he pulled it out and started shooting and started circling,” Gooch said. said.

Gooch indicated he had been shot in the leg. His wife was shot in the calf. And his son was struck in the leg. Fortunately his daughter was unharmed.

When asked if he had witnessed anything out of the ordinary before the shooting, Gooch said, “I was suspicious of a certain group of people who were there. When the shooting ended, we were standing on the left side of the stage. I…” he said. When the incident happened, right before the incident, there was a group of people dressed all in black, about 4, 5, or 6 children, all dressed in black and wearing black masks, looking like children. It looked like this and disappeared into the crowd. ”

Graves noted that two juveniles are in police custody. Charges have not yet been filed, but Graves said the department has only 24 hours to file charges. Otherwise, the teens would have to be released.

The chief also said investigators are looking into whether other people were involved in the shooting.

“It should be noted that we recovered several firearms,” ​​Graves said.

The Democratic-run city has long had a particular problem with violence.
Gang and youth-related violence.

Last month, six people were injured in a new shooting inside a popular shopping mall in downtown Kansas report The apparent trigger for the shooting was a disturbance between two groups of “youths”.

according to Kansas City set at least a record for homicides last year, according to the Kansas City Star. killed 185 people. More than 240 people were killed across the metro. There were 171 murders in the previous year.

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