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Polls Showing Voters Favor Trump on Immigration ‘Misleading Because Immigration Is So Complex’

On “CNN This Morning” on Wednesday, Sen. Alex Padilla (D-Calif.) argued that polls showing support for former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, and potential 2024 Republican presidential candidate, over those of President Joe Biden are “again misleading because the immigration issue is so complex.”

asked host Manu Raju.[T]How voters currently view Trump and Biden on their handling of immigration issues; Fifty-two percent of Trump supporters believe Trump is doing a better job, compared with 41% of Biden supporters.“When you look at this, it’s pretty consistent with other national polls. How much political risk is there for the president to take this action at this time?”

Padilla responded: “Honestly, I don’t think it’s a risky move. There’s an old saying that the best politics is good governance. This is good governance. I think the poll numbers on immigration are also misleading because immigration is very complicated. A few weeks ago, we talked and debated how best to make the border more secure. That’s one element. What we talked about yesterday was not about people who may or may not come to the United States, but the totality of people who are here in the United States. The standard that the president announced is at least 10 years. But the reality is that the average is over 23 years. These are our friends, our neighbors, our colleagues, and obviously our family members who are U.S. citizens.”

Padilla later added that Biden is “securing the border.”

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