‘Power of God’: Resurfaced video of North Dakota 7th-grader making half-court shot to seal $10K prize still invoking cheers

More than a year has passed since J.J. Franks, a seventh-grader at Bishop Ryan Catholic School in Minot, North Dakota, hit a half-court shot and won the $10,000 prize to cheers from the crowd. Ta. From the stand.

The problem is, before JJ could hit the half-court bomb, he first had to hit three shots in a row: a layup, a free throw, and a three-point shot. Also, the time limit he must be within 25 seconds.

When he made the final shot, as you can imagine, the crowd went wild.But what everyone might not expect is that this kid’s feat is drawing cheers. once again on social media. Here’s an example from Kendall Baker of Yahoo Sports.

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JJ’s gem happened on January 27, 2023, during halftime of a game in Bishop Ryan, just an hour south of the Canadian border.

“You only get one chance, so if you miss, you’re a failure.” JJ told KMOT TV after that.

He told the station, adding, “I thought I probably wouldn’t be able to pass, but I’m just going to try my best and hope that I can pass.”

According to KMOT, several high school players from the home and away teams came out of their locker rooms to watch the game.

One of them, Bishop Ryan’s Ramsey Walz, likened J.J.’s miraculous half-court baskets to those made by future NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Image source: YouTube screenshot

“It’s like, no way, everyone is rushing into the courtroom,” Walz told KMOT. “It was really cool.”

Image source: YouTube screenshot

JJ told the station that his half-court basket was “one in a million, and it came in by the power of God.”

Image source: X video screenshot via @kendallbaker

KMOT notes that his mother, Marie, was across town when JJ was in the spotlight on the court, adding that her mother’s neighbor kept her updated from the gym.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

“She said he was getting a $10,000 shot, so it was unrealistic, and I thought that was expected because most kids are going to get that opportunity.” “I thought that was what had happened,” she told the station in a very endearing “Fargo”-esque accent. “But then she called me and said he had won. I thought she was joking.”

“A gift from God”

KMOT said at the time that JJ was a regular player on the middle school team, and although he wasn’t that bad at shooting 3-pointers, he rarely took half-court shots. It’s not even a practice.

“The first three shots made me think he had a talent for basketball, but I think that last shot may have been a gift from God rather than an innate talent,” his mother said. told.

JJ added to KMOT that the $10,000 prize money went toward college expenses, but asked his mother for a few hundred dollars to enjoy doing whatever he wanted.

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