Female workers making $18k less than males in Australia

Women workers in Australia earn on average A$18,461 less than their male counterparts, new company-level pay statistics reveal. Pay comparison data for all employers with 100 or more employees released by the Office for Workplace Gender Equality on Tuesday revealed that workers’ pay packets are sharply divided between men and women. Nationally, the median income […]

Anthony Kim making return with LIV Golf after 12 years away

Anthony Kim’s return to golf includes a specific schedule for his return. The 38-year-old, who last played in a PGA Tour event in May 2012 and has hardly been seen or heard from since, will be a wild card when LIV Golf hosts the event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, next weekend. He is scheduled to […]

Making $150K considered ‘lower middle class’ in these US cities

The power of six-figure (or higher) salaries, depending on where you live, appears to be waning, pushing some American earners into “lower middle class” status. “The bar to be considered ‘middle class’ has certainly risen in America’s most expensive cities,” Andrew Murray, lead content data researcher at GOBankingRates, told FOX News Digital. “To break out […]

Gaetz brags about making Congress a ‘living hell’ for GOP

Rep. Matt Gaetz boasted in a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday that he was turning Congress into a “living hell” for “swamp rat” Republicans who act “like Democrats in drag.” did. “In Congress, I am often criticized, vilified, and ridiculed for exposing a corrupt system that has been weaponized against our […]

Washington legislators push bill making it a felony to threaten election workers

The Washington State Senate overwhelmingly passed a resolution Thursday that would make harassment of election workers a felony. It comes three months after four county election offices were forced to evacuate after receiving envelopes containing suspicious powder (including three people who tested positive for fentanyl). “This is something we cannot accept as normal,” Democratic Sen. […]

Man arrested for making ‘violent threat’ to Arizona election official in 2022

A San Diego man was arrested Thursday for allegedly leaving a voicemail on the personal cell phone of a 2022 Arizona election official. William Hyde left a violent threat on a Maricopa County Recorder’s Office employee’s phone voicemail “on or about November 29, 2022.” Announced by the Department of Justice (DOJ). Mr. Hyde, 52, is […]

China Demands America ‘Stop Making Excuses’ and Fund the Taliban

China’s top diplomat on Afghanistan, Yue Xiaoyong, this week reiterated the Communist Party’s demands for the United States to lift sanctions and allow Taliban terrorists access to frozen Afghan government funds. The United Nations convened a meeting in Doha, Qatar, once the site of the Taliban’s “political office” during the Afghanistan war, to discuss how […]


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