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PragerU Documentary Exposes the Reasons for the Decline of Healthy Relationships and Marriages

“The easiest countries to control are those that don’t have strong foundations,” says Prager U’s Aldo Buttazzoni, who produced the new documentary. MIA: American Masculinity teeth streaming now.

Strong foundations are built on strong family units, and the best way to dissolve those units is to suture the mess, Buttazzoni explained in an interview on SiriusXM. Breitbart News Daily Host Mike Slater

“The left is trying to distort objectivity at every level,” Buttazzoni said. “The left refers to “men” as “women” and “women” as “men,” and I think now they’re doing that in terms of men and women.

The young documentarian went on to say, “When men and women don’t function as one, when they don’t have a harmonious relationship, that’s when the collapse really accelerates.”

Director Buttazzoni made the film to “shed light” on the recent war between the sexes, which is “disastrous” for society in the long run, and America is already seeing the signs. said.

“This war between the sexes and the decline of healthy relationships obviously started with the feminist movement and the man-hating and man-bashing that pitted women and men against each other,” he said.

“And fast forward to today, and the same thing is happening among men in schools and in our society. They say you should be like that.”

Buttazzoni said the result is far from a Happy Valentine’s Day message.

“Men and women don’t have healthy relationships,” he says. “They are becoming more polarized. Men have no sense of identity or purpose. Women are less happy. Relationships are declining. Marriages are declining.”

Listen to the full interview:

Aldo Buttazzoni hosts PragerU’s popular show “Man on the Street,” where he interviews today’s young people and ordinary Americans about life, history, and politics. Aldo gives young people the intellectual weapons to stand up for their beliefs and encourages viewers with messages of opportunity and hope.