Pricey Electric Cars Driven 20% Less Than Gas-Powered Vehicles

As Democratic President Joe Biden urges Americans to keep their roads green, drivers appear to be choosing to drive gasoline-powered vehicles over electric ones.

According to a recent report from, drivers are using electric vehicles (EVs) 20% less often than gasoline-powered vehicles. report Friday.

Breitbart News reported on April 1 that Biden plans to make a national network of 500,000 publicly available EV chargers by 2030 as he pushes for “climate change policy.” We are thinking of building a .

An article on explains this issue in detail.

Comparing gasoline, hybrid, and electric vehicle usage, three years ago gasoline vehicles drove 12,813 miles per year, while EVs drove 20% fewer miles per year at 10,256 miles. The plug-in hybrid has a range of 12,199 miles (4.8 percent less than the gasoline model), while the standard hybrid has a range of 12,471 miles (2.7 percent less than the gas model).

“Range anxiety and charging infrastructure are top priorities for EV drivers, and these factors are likely to limit owners’ range,” said Karl Brauer, executive analyst at iSeeCars. “Hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars have a limited range on their all-electric batteries, but range anxiety is not a factor, and they are slightly less than gasoline cars, as reflected in similar annual mileage. It just has less mileage.”

It’s also important to note that Mercedes-Benz has put its promise to go fully electric by 2030 on hold, citing weak sales, according to Breitbart News.

“Luxury automakers are not the only ones abandoning electric-only plans,” the paper said.

“In January, Ford Motor Company implemented plans to scale back production of its all-electric F-150 Lightning pickup truck, cutting it by almost half, citing lack of demand from American consumers,” the report added.

According to an article on, Tesla is apparently the most popular of all other EVs.

The article also states, “The average electric vehicle costs $5,108 per 1,000 miles per year, compared to $3,056 for a hybrid, $3,123 for a gasoline vehicle, and $4,351 for a plug-in hybrid.” It also states:

According to Breitbart News, a January poll found that an overwhelming majority of Americans said they were unlikely to consider buying an electric vehicle. That’s because many EV owners are stuck at home or on the side of the road in harsh winter weather.

“A Consumer Reports study conducted late last year found that EVs have nearly 80 percent more problems than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles,” the newspaper said.