Video Shows Cars In Seattle Intentionally Mowing Down Pedestrians

Seattle authorities are urgently seeking public assistance in connection with two vehicular assaults, Fox News reported Sunday. The incident was captured on surveillance cameras and cell phones. pictureIt is said to show pedestrians being deliberately targeted by vehicles. according to On Fox News. The first hit-and-run occurred on November 26th. The footage shows the car […]

‘Gronk’ Presents Cars to Veterans Ahead of Army-Navy Football Game

NFL legend Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski helped the United States Service Automobile Association (USSA) gift two cars to veterans ahead of Saturday’s Army-Navy football game. The former Patriots star was “on hand” Friday to present donated cars to Army and Navy families at Faneuil Hall in Boston, Massachusetts, CBS News reported. report. USAA, the sponsor of […]

US probes 73,000 Chevrolet Volt cars over loss of power, issues restarting

Constellation Research founder R. Ray Wang talks about Elon Musk’s success with Tesla and SpaceX’s potential IPO of Barney & Company. The main U.S. auto safety regulator announced Friday an investigation into 73,000 vehicles. chevrolet volt It has been reported that plug-in hybrid vehicles may suddenly turn off, fail to restart, or experience other problems. […]

Electric Cars Have 80% More Problems than Gas-Powered Cars

Electric vehicles (EVs) have far more problems than gasoline-powered vehicles, a new report on U.S. consumers finds. A Consumer Reports survey asked about 330,000 car owners about the problems they faced last year and found that EVs 80 percent They have more problems than gasoline cars that use traditional internal combustion engines. According to the […]

Americans Are Not Buying Electric Cars

Auto dealers across the country are calling out President Joe Biden’s “unrealistic” green energy policy, largely because Americans aren’t buying as many electric vehicles (EVs) as his administration had hoped. He warns that the policy must be abandoned. Automobile dealer executives dispatched from Massachusetts to Alabama to Wyoming letter Biden this week called on his […]

Hybrid, EV models significantly less reliable than gas-engine cars, Consumer Reports finds

FOX News’ Bret Baier has a special report on the demand for electric vehicles and why some companies are recalibrating their goals and slowing production. New data from Consumer Reports shows that electric cars are, on average, far less reliable than cars with traditional internal combustion engines. According to the magazine’s annual Auto Reliability Brand […]