Print This Recent NASCAR Quote On A T-Shirt Immediately

NASCAR driver Andy Jankowiak made one of the most epic quotes on Friday night as he headed into Victory Lane at Daytona International Speedway.

Jankowiak was willing to do whatever it took to finish first while driving the No. 73 V1 Fiber Ford at the Daytona ARCA 200. His passionate push is captured in one of the most epic quotes of all time.

“I just put my feet on the floor and I don’t lift my feet until I see God or the checkered flag,” he said as he drove. Someone needs to print that on a t-shirt now.

This is probably the most incredible line ever uttered into a race car driver’s microphone during a race. It single-handedly defined the sheer will and determination he felt as adrenaline coursed through his veins as he tore through the pavement.

Jankowiak uttered a grand declaration on the final lap and was on the verge of entering the winner’s circle. The veteran racer, who has a pedigree for speed, finished in third place as the race went into overtime. He pushed hard for the lead and seemed to have his eyes firmly fixed on the checkered flag, but Jake Finch was able to inch his way up and get in front of Jankowiak. After just a few seconds, Finch crashed into the wall. Armani Williams rammed into the back of Jankowiak’s car, causing a violent chain reaction that sent the car flying in all directions.

Gus Dean was leading the pack as the crash unfolded and was declared the winner of the race.

Jankowiak ultimately finished 10th, but it was far from the first place checkered flag he had hoped for. (Related: Accelerating the Dream – The Felber Twins’ Journey to Racing Excellence)

He may not have won this time, but he came up with one zinger that will no doubt live on beyond his racing career.

Zankowiak is still looking for his first career ARCA Menards Series victory.



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