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Questions swirl after MAGA-supporting state representative in Michigan arrested: ‘Trumped up charges’

A Michigan Republican’s first-ever state representative was handcuffed early Thursday morning following an alleged encounter with an exotic dancer.

Just before 3 a.m. Thursday, Neil Friskie, a 62-year-old Republican state representative who represents Charlevoix and other areas in Michigan’s northwestern Lower Peninsula, was arrested near his Lansing apartment after police received a report of shots fired.

The Gateway Pundit claimed that a “far-left reporter from Michigan” had written the most salacious stories and undermined the reelection campaign of “one of the Michigan Legislature’s most conservative Trump supporters.”

Reports of the events prior to the arrest are sporadic and tell apparently differing versions of events. New York Post The paper reported that police may have seen Friske shooting the stripper as he chased her down the street, then cited other sources as saying he was suspected of sexually assaulting the woman.

MIRS News It did not mention the alleged sexual assault, but also reported that just hours after his arrest, an armed Friske chased a woman after an “altercation.”

of Detroit Free PressThe department quoted Lansing Police Public Information Officer Jordan Garkis as saying, adding that Friske was arrested on “felony-level offenses” and that the investigation is ongoing.

Friske was released from custody at approximately 12:30 p.m. on Friday, and reports thereafter suddenly became much quieter. Associated Press News reports at the time said only that Friske had been arrested and that Lansing police had requested charges be filed against him, but that Ingham County Prosecutor John DeWayne had not yet done so.

“Our department continues to work collaboratively with law enforcement on this matter,” DeWain said in a statement.

The Associated Press did not mention the strippers or the sexual assault allegations.

a Facebook Post A representative for Frisk’s reelection campaign, who is in a heated primary race against Parker Fairbairn, called the arrest “highly suspicious” and noted that Frisk, a proud supporter of gun rights, “exercises his Second Amendment rights at all times.”

“Clearly, Rep. Friske achieved his goal in this election.”

On Saturday, the campaign posted that “no charges have yet been filed” against Friske. “While the investigation is ongoing, we are confident that he and his legal team will be able to prove his innocence of these trumped-up charges,” the post continued.

“He’s in good spirits despite everything he’s been through.”

In the campaign, Gateway Punditsaid all allegations against Friske were “That’s a complete lie.The Gateway Pundit, citing “multiple sources” who allegedly spoke to Friskies, reported that the stripper was at Friskies’ apartment and refused to leave unless she was paid.

When Friskie wouldn’t give her the money, the woman became enraged, grabbed a pair of scissors and allegedly tried to stab him. She also rummaged through Friskie’s belongings, taking several items, including a laptop, a briefcase and thousands of dollars in cash, Gateway Pundit alleges.

The woman eventually called police and falsely reported that Friske was shooting at her, when in fact no shots were fired, Gateway Pundit added.

The Gateway Pundit claimed that a “far-left reporter from Michigan” relying solely on “anonymous sources who are likely political opponents of Mr. Friskies in Lansing” conducted the most salacious reporting, undermining the reelection campaign of “one of the most conservative Trump supporters in the Michigan House of Representatives.”

Gateway Pundit claimed prosecutors have sought arrest warrants for felony sexual assault, assault and weapons charges, but no judge has yet approved any such warrants. Friske was released without bail, but the information supports the theory that “the charges are politically motivated,” the outlet added.

The Blaze News left several messages with Friskies’ camp, asking how the stripper got into Friskies’ home and if the two had a previous relationship. Friskies is a father and grandfather, but is single. Our messages were not responded to.

The strip club where the woman reportedly works declined a request for comment from the New York Post.

Friske’s lawyer said: Ed Zaineargued that the evidence would ultimately reveal his client’s “actual innocence.”

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