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Rachel Maddow Mocks Donald Trump Trial On ‘The View’: “He’s Just A Man And There’s Nobody Here To Support Him, Including His Wife” 

meanwhile scenery They were fortunate enough to get some first-hand testimony from Donald Trump’s hush money trial from panelist Sunny Hostin, and this morning they got another inside scoop from Rachel Maddow, who was in the courtroom at the historic trial.

Appearing as a guest on the show this morning, Maddow shared her views on the upcoming election and her thoughts on Trump’s conviction.

Hostin asked Maddow first, saying she saw the political commentator in the courtroom for Michael Cohen’s testimony and opening statements in the trial, and that the trial was Guilty All 34 felony charges against Trump.

“Why was it important to you to go and what did you get out of it?” Hostin asked her guests.

Maddow responded that in many cases, cameras are not allowed in the courtroom. scenery“I didn’t have a camera so I wanted to see for myself.

“It also seemed like Trump was trying to create an air of intimidation as he went to trial, as if to say, ‘I command a huge following, but this is a corrupt and rigged system, and if I’m not exonerated, the gates of hell are going to open,'” Maddow added.

When Whoopi Goldberg asked about the low turnout at the trial, “Did you see all seven of them there?” Maddow replied, “No one.”

Rachel Maddow on The View
Photo: ABC

After listing politicians who have been imprisoned for their crimes, Maddow asserted, “Just because someone is in politics doesn’t make them any less guilty. The system doesn’t fall apart when these people are prosecuted. Our system works, and it should stay that way.”

Maddow said Trump was “threatening” that very system and said she wanted to see it for herself, but admitted that what she saw wasn’t all that impressive.

“He’s just a guy and he has no one to support him, including his wife,” she said.

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