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This is an outrageous finish from Vinicius Junior.

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We’re up and running, Girona playing in their away kits which are … charcoal with a mint trim, is the best way I can describe it.

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One of the great, and increasingly rare, joys of league football is seeing a team emerge from the middle of the pack as a fully-formed unit, capable of winning the title from out of nowhere. Or, to use the correct terminology, “doing a Leicester”.


Having finished in a historically high 10th place last season, Girona might have realistically hoped to push towards the European places. Instead, everything has clicked into place and with one loss in 23 games, the Catalan club are in a title shootout with Real Madrid.


In modern football, every fairytale has its footnotes and Girona, with their connection to the Manchester City empire, are no exception. Still, their net spend this season is just €5m. Even a Real Madrid side that looks patched up in places has vastly outspent that figure.


Besides, who isn’t an underdog when they arrive at this Death Star of a stadium to face Real Madrid? They are still Europe’s ultimate overlords, and can move five points clear by destroying another dream here. Any other result, and things will really get interesting.

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Real Madrid (4-3-1-2): Lunin; Vázquez, Carvajal (c), Tchouaméni, Mendy; Valverde, Kroos, Camavinga; Bellingham; Rodrygo, Vinícius Júnior.
Subs: Kepa, Piñeiro, Modric, Joselu, Ceballos, Fran García, Brahim Díaz, Arda Guler, Ramón.


Girona (4-2-3-1): Gazzaniga; Yan Couto, Eric García, Juanpe, Miguel; Martín, Aleix Garcia; Tsygankov, Portu, Sávio; Dovbyk.
Subs: Juan Carlos, Fuidias, Arnau, Stuani, Borja García, Valery, Pablo Torre, Solís, Antal, Artero.

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important events

A goal scored by a Bayern Munich player against Leverkusen in the Bundesliga. Let Rob Smith explain.

22 minutes: A bit of trickery from a set-piece opened up a gap in Girona’s wall and Valverde fired a low shot, but it was straight at Gazzaniga. I would like to add that Juanpe was also booked for that clumsy challenge.

21 minutes: Juanpe, who will be replacing Daley Blind in Girona’s defense tonight, was completely out of pace by Camavinga and pushed the midfielder in a desperate manner. It looks like a penalty, but it was actually just outside the box. A very dangerous free kick for Real…

20 min: Girona pushed up the field again, moving the ball cleanly, and Ivan Martin’s cross was cleared by Choameni at centre-back.

18 minutes: Savio’s cross was cut in by Vázquez, who rebounded it off the Brazilian for a goal kick.

16 minutes: The dynamics are changing here, with Girona falling back and Real Madrid’s midfield showing more adventures.

Let’s take a look at the opening goal here. Sliker!

Vinicius gives Real Madrid the lead! 🤩
The Brazilian player pulled one out of his top drawer and gave the home team the lead! 🚀

— ITV Football (@itvfootball) February 10, 2024

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14 minutes: Kroos bent and delivered a cross that was cleared by Eric Garcia under pressure from Vinicius. At the other end, Savio, who will join Manchester City this summer, misjudged a shot aimed at the center by Dobvik.

12 minutes: Girona coach Michel was in the stands tonight as he was banned from the touchline. His assistant Salva Funes is in charge on the touchline.

10 minutes: The home fans whistle for an extended spell of possession for the visitors before Rodrygo fails to make the most of another burst upfield.

7 minutes: It was a textbook Real Madrid body blow. Girona would like to react quickly, but Dobvik is under pressure and cannot take a shot.

The Brazilian pocketed the ball in space about 25 yards out, cut inside a yard and hit an absolute rocket that bounced up and down, crashing inside the far post. You can’t stop it!

Vinicius Junior put Real Madrid in the lead. Photo: Isabel Infantes/Reuters

Update date and time

goal! Real Madrid 1-0 Girona (Vinicius 6 minutes)

this is outrageous Finish from Vinicius Junior.

Vinicius Junior celebrates after scoring Real Madrid’s first goal. Photo: Angel Martinez/Getty Images

Update date and time

4 minutes: Bellingham gave Girona their first caution just before the end of the first half, when their cross floated over Rodrygo’s head and homed at the near post.

3 minutes: The roof of the Bernabéu is closed for tonight’s match, so Puma decided to put up this boring poster outside. There are 85,000 fans at the Bernabéu tonight. 500 of them are on the away side.

Girona banner outside Santiago Bernabéu: "There is also a stadium with a roof. Some teams don’t have one." 👀🇪🇸

— Eurofoot (@eurofootcom) February 10, 2024

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Update date and time

2 minutes: Girona’s full-backs Miguel and Yan Couto are already pushing up the field, while Real Madrid’s players are all back in their own half.


We’re in good spirits and Girona are playing in a charcoal away kit with mint trim and that’s the best way I can describe it.

The team is set in the cavernous, space-age Bernabeu. A one-minute tribute to legendary former Real Madrid goalkeeper Miguel Ángel, who passed away this week at the age of 76.

In five minutes, not one, but two potential title deciders will kick off. Rob Smith will be on hand for Leverkusen vs. Bayern. Joe Pearson broke MBM’s fourth wall by sending an email to both of them.

“It’s mind-boggling! Two Leicester hopefuls, each aiming for their own league title and facing off against their main rivals at the same time. Which one should I watch? Because I think the Alonso angle makes Leverkusen more interesting , I’m riding with Rob (sorry Niall)”

What can we expect tonight? Despite the David vs. Goliath vibe, it’s unlikely to be a case of attack vs. defense, and even if it were, it would likely be the hosts who are primarily on the back foot.

Michel’s Girona play with attacking intent and press all over the pitch, while Ancelotti’s gameplan may depend on the pace of his strikers and whether Bellingham can supply a suitable through pass. .

Watch your football for free at tea time this Saturday as today’s match will be broadcast on ITV4. However, please promise me that this humble MBM of his will continue to be displayed on the second screen.

With neither Nacho nor Antonio Rudiger fit to play today, manager Carlo Ancelotti is likely to deploy Aurélien Choameny in central defence. Vinicius Junior missed the Madrid derby due to a back problem but started. He will line up alongside Rodrygo in the host team’s front line.

Girona are without Daley Blind and Yangel Herrera due to suspension, but Artem Dovvik deserves a starting place. The Ukrainian is La Liga’s top scorer with 14 goals, along with Getafe’s Borja Mayoral and Real Madrid’s Jude Bellingham.

team news

Real Madrid (4-3-1-2): Lunin; Vazquez, Carvajal (c), Choameni, Mendy; Valverde, Kroos, Camavinga. Bellingham; Rodrigo, Vinicius Junior.
Subs: Kepa, Pinheiro, Modric, Josel, Ceballos, Fran García, Brahim Díaz, Alda Güler, Ramon.

Girona (4-2-3-1): Gazzaniga. Yan Couto, Eric Garcia, Juanpe, Miguel. Martin, Aleix Garcia. Tsygankov, Portu, Savio. Dobvik.
Subs: Juan Carlos, Juidias, Arnau, Stuani, Borja García, Valéry, Pablo Torre, Solis, Antal, Artero.


One of the great and increasingly rare joys of league football is watching a team emerge from the middle of the pack as a fully formed unit and win a title out of nowhere. Or, to use the correct terminology, “do Leicester.”

Realistically, Girona may have been hoping to push towards the top of Europe after finishing in a historic high of 10th place last season. Instead, everything went well, with the Catalan club now in contention for the title with Real Madrid, with just one loss in 23 games.

In modern football, every fairy tale has footnotes, and Girona, with its links to the Manchester City empire, is no exception. Still, the net expenditure this season is only 5 million euros. Even Real Madrid’s team, which looks patchy in places, is well above that number.

Besides, who wouldn’t be an underdog when they arrive at this Death Star of a stadium to play against Real Madrid? They remain the ultimate champions of Europe and can extend their lead by five points by crushing another dream here. Other outcomes would make things really interesting.



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