RFK Jr. challenges Trump to debate after ‘Democrat plant’ accusation

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. challenged the would-be Republican presidential nominee to a debate in response to former President Trump’s claim that he is a “Democrat” and would be a “wasted protest vote.”

“When a frightened man takes to social media, he risks verbal abuse that makes him appear unfazed,” Kennedy wrote in an X post Saturday afternoon. “President Trump’s tirade against me is a largely incoherent barrage of wild and inaccurate claims best resolved within the American tradition of presidential debates. President Trump, who has proven to be one of the most accomplished debaters, should not panic “like we’ll see him on that stage.” ”

RFK Jr. said Trump has proven to have “failed the expectations of his most loyal supporters,” noting that the former president “promised to end the Ukraine war and then turned to Chairman Johnson to fund it.” and in collusion with President Biden.” Kennedy Jr. also said that President Trump “let Big Pharma and its corrupt bureaucrats run roughshod over him as president” and “cut the deficit and built the largest debt in history.” “I promised,” he said.

“He promised to run government like a business, and then he shut down our businesses. He promised to drain the swamp, and then he filled the government with swamp creatures,” RFK Jr. said. Ta. “He promised to protect our rights, but he destroyed the Constitution.”

Trump criticizes RFK JR. Being a “Democratic Party supporter” and a “wasteful protest vote”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (left) and Donald Trump are running for president. (Getty Images)

“Instead of dropping poison bombs from the safety of his bunker, let’s listen to President Trump mano-a-mano defend his record to me with respectful and witty arguments,” Kennedy concluded.

Mr. Trump’s 2020 campaign specifically criticized Mr. Biden’s “bunker” strategy, accusing the Democrat of largely distancing himself from campaign activities and staying out of the public eye during his presidential bid.

Kennedy’s challenge came after Trump slammed the independent presidential candidate on the TRUTH social.

“RFK Jr. is a Democratic Party ‘plant,’ a radical left-liberal installed to help crooked Joe Biden, the worst president in American history, get re-elected,” President Trump wrote in the series. Some posts from before Saturday. “A vote for Junior is essentially a wasted protest vote that could swing either way, but would only swing against Democrats if Republicans knew the truth about him.”

President Kennedy embraces his vice presidential candidate on stage

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. hugs Vice Presidential running mate Nicole Shanahan on March 26, 2024 in Oakland, California. (Reuters)

RFK J.R.’s running mate is an ‘unknown’ with ‘deep pockets’ as a Republican, Democrats fear Spoiler campaign: Experts

President Trump said RFK Jr. is “totally anti-gun, an extreme environmentalist who makes the Green New crooks look conservative, a big-time tax payer and open borders advocate, and anti-military/veterans.” ”, he criticized.

“His radical family would never allow him to become a Republican, and his chief ‘funder’ was heard by no one but her ex-husband, who was stripped of large sums of cash.” He’s the perfect vice presidential candidate,” Trump continued. She took a swipe at President Kennedy’s running mate, Nicole Shanahan.

Former President Donald Trump descends from Trump Tower in New York City

Former President Donald Trump exits Trump Tower on Monday, April 15, 2024, in New York City. Jury selection has begun in the so-called hush money trial in Manhattan Criminal Court. (Fox News Digital Probe Media)

President Trump said that when he lived in New York at the same time as Kennedy, he saw Kennedy persuade former Gov. Andrew Cuomo to “implement absolutely terrible environmental policies,” adding that in upstate New York he was “drilling and… Hydraulic fracturing is not allowed.” Ohio, Pennsylvania and other states have plundered New York Energy, driving up energy costs in upstate New York and New England.


“His views on vaccines are bogus, as is everything else about his candidacy. Let the Democrats have RFK Jr. They deserve him!” Trump said.