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RNC Chair Michael Whatley Backs Off Pledge to Spend ‘All Day Every Day’ Working to Elect Donald Trump to Instead Try to Save Mike Johnson

The newly sworn-in Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman has already backtracked on his promise to spend “every day” of 2024 trying to elect Republican candidate Donald Trump president again, and instead spent much of Tuesday in a corner. He is withdrawing his pledge to spend money to save the Speaker of the House of Representatives, who has fallen into a crisis. Mike Johnson of the Department of Justice made the announcement, according to a report by Politico Playbook on Wednesday.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), a real conservative and a real Republican, has spent the past few weeks passing a bloated government funding plan that gave Democrats everything they wanted and gave Mr. Johnson everything they wanted. They are protesting against Mr Johnson’s various acts of betrayal, including his decision to cast the decisive vote. Renewing Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to continue warrantless surveillance of American citizens and ultimately send billions of additional American tax dollars to Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskiy, among others. passed a major foreign aid package. Ms Greene is proceeding with a call for a privileged vote on her previously submitted motion to vacate Mr Johnson, which she plans to announce at a press conference on Wednesday morning.

Her move comes in return for repeated betrayals of Republicans, with Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries announcing on Tuesday that Democrats would vote in favor of Greene’s motion to resign, effectively putting Johnson in line. This was done after he was spared from resignation. The Democrats’ unprecedented move is a minority party’s power grab in a bitterly divided chamber, and their control over what happens on the floor of the House of Commons, whether Johnson’s remaining term as speaker is short or long. will be effectively sealed. House’s.

But what’s particularly interesting about all of this is that Whatley somehow manages to slip into the discussion on the Democratic side of Jeffries and Johnson, rather than on the Republican side.

“New RNC co-chair Michael Whatley had already briefed Greene’s fellow House Republicans that morning on the importance of party unity, but Greene was not present.” personally delivered a sharp message to her: “Don’t move against Johnson,” Politico Playbook reported Wednesday morning.

And the playbook includes sources familiar with Whatley and Green’s conversations. According to the report, “a person familiar with Mr. Whatley’s message to Mr. Greene” said, “He said that one, it’s not helpful, and two, he wants to expand and grow his House majority.” He is said to have said. “He was clear that he would disrupt meetings on these initiatives, including submitting reports.” [motion to vacate]It is not useful for appealing for party unity. ”

Mr Whatley himself went on record as calling for “party unity” later in the newsletter article. “Nothing is more important than keeping our party together and making sure we are focused on defeating Joe Biden and the Democratic Party in November,” Whatley’s words read.

Mr. Whatley’s decision to take this unusual step to support the highly unpopular Johnson was a sign of his Certainly interesting in that respect. But what’s particularly disturbing about Mr. Whatley’s actions here is that the effort he’s leading to carry out the orders of Democrats like Mr. Jeffries has led to Mr. Whatley’s first election as RNC chairman. At times, it appears that they are violating the commitments they have made.

In fact, in his first interview as RNC chairman less than two months ago (on Breitbart News), Whatley said his role was to elect Trump and elect Republicans over Democrats. I made it clear that I understand that there is.

“This year, and the next eight months, is all about making sure we win in November,” Whatley told Breitbart News in early March. “Everything we do is focused on winning. We have to get the votes out, we have to protect the ballots. All the money we raise and spend at the RNC goes to these two We’re going to work very closely with the president’s campaign to ensure a seamless operation. After all, the RNC elected a Republican president 146 years ago. We were founded with one purpose: We also know that there are Senate and House elections that are really important to us, so we’re going to be working all over the country to get out the vote. But the way we do that is by extracting the vote and securing the ballot.”

He added later in the interview, “I’m going to work all day every day to make sure we win in November.”

Well, spending an entire day on Capitol Hill making Democratic demands is, plain and simple, not going to help us win in November. Where are the vote-tracking operations that the right desperately needs? Where are the electoral integrity Mr. Whatley promised? What is he doing about fundraising? Whatley and Lara Trump, the RNC’s new co-chairs, said in an original interview with Breitbart News that they were chosen to be the party’s new leader. He said it represented a “new dawn” for the RNC, from which grassroots donors had completely shut down. previous leadership. But has anything really changed? As Mr. Whatley spends all his energy trying to steer the Republican situation on Capitol Hill toward an outcome that Democrats clearly want to see, what are the differences between the two parties? Should donors donate to the party?

RNC spokeswoman Rachel Lee spoke Wednesday morning about the issue, including why Whatley is interfering in House Republican affairs and why he is siding with Democratic House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries. did not respond to Breitbart News’ detailed questions about the matter. Others in Mr. Whatley’s circle attempted to have off-the-record conversations about the issue, but none denied what Mr. Whatley had done on behalf of Mr. Johnson on Tuesday.