Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff Flips out, Tracks Journalist Probing His Secret Hawaiian Land Buys

Billionaire left-winger and CEO of Salesforce, Marc Benioff, is secretly buying up land in Hawaii through an anonymous LLC. But once journalists began investigating, Benioff reportedly began tracking her movements and personal information.

SF gate report NPR journalist Dara Kerr reports that tech billionaire Marc Benioff mysterious land acquisition It is located in the small town of Waimea, Hawaii. Carr, whose grandmother grew up in Hawaii, began digging deeper during a visit in November. Carr discovered that Benioff had anonymously purchased 22 separate properties in Waimea since 2020.

Salesforce boss Marc Benioff (Associated Press)

These properties were acquired through a mysterious limited liability company (LLC) and all traced back to a single mailing address and agency in Palo Alto. Although his name did not appear on any documents, Mr. Benioff did not dispute his involvement when questioned.

Mr. Benioff learned of Mr. Carr’s ongoing investigation and contacted him through a colleague, requesting an interview with a reporter. Mr. Carr agreed to a video call in December, but Mr. Benioff continued to bombard her with “mostly anonymous” messages promoting her own charity work after that.

In January, Mr. Carr met with Mr. Benioff in Hawaii to discuss the land purchase. But before that, Benioff again contacted Carr’s colleagues and requested inside information about her reporting. He then called Carr directly and claimed to know the title of her article. During that phone call, he surprised her by revealing that he knew exactly where she was staying in Hawaii at the time. When she asked how she knew, Mr. Benioff replied: You have a job and I have a job too. ”

During the actual interview, the billionaire deflected many of Kerr’s questions and continued to steer the conversation toward his philanthropic claims in Hawaii. But when Mr. Carr pressed him for details about the anonymous LLC 22 he used to buy the Waimea property, Mr. Benioff evaded him, saying that Mr. Carr “seemed to have changed his mind” and that the billionaire “started talking fast.” , fidgeting while holding a piece of paper.” his hand. “

Carr ended the interview feeling “confused and still unsure of exactly what is going on on my land in Waimea.” Benioff’s interference continued after this creepy encounter. He personally called NPR CEO John Lansing to discuss Carr’s coverage of Hawaii.

Mr. Carr seems to understand who is buying up land in small Hawaii towns, but he does not know why Mr. Benioff took action. Perhaps he plans to build a doomsday bunker like Mark Zuckerberg.

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Lucas Nolan is a reporter for Breitbart News covering free speech and online censorship issues.



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