Sam Bankman-Fried’s seemingly ‘odd’ behavior puts him in ‘extreme danger’ in prison — with his mom ‘genuinely’ fearing for his life

The mother of convicted cryptocurrency fraudster Sam Bankman Freed will be unable to read social cues in the behavior of people on the autism spectrum, she told a New York court ahead of her sentencing next month. warned that he would be in “extremely dangerous conditions” in prison.

“I truly fear for Sam’s life in a typical prison environment,” Stanford law professor Barbara Freed said in court papers filed as part of the fallen crypto tycoon’s request for a sentence of no more than 6 1/2 years in prison. I am writing inside.

“Some inmates may come to appreciate Sam once they get to know him. However, miscommunication in such an environment is dangerous, and Sam’s characteristics make miscommunication more likely.” significantly increases the likelihood that this will occur,” Freed added in a filing late Tuesday.

The mother of convicted cryptocurrency fraudster Sam Bankman Freed has warned a New York court that she would be in “extreme danger” in prison because of her inability to read social cues. Getty Images

In a six-page letter to Manhattan Federal Court Judge Lewis Kaplan, Fried wrote that the jailed crypto ace’s actions “may seem strange and disturbing to those who don’t know him.” wrote.

Bankman Freed, 32, “has some of the quirks typical of high-functioning people with ASD,” her mother wrote, referring to autism spectrum disorder.

“He has difficulty responding to social cues in a ‘normal’ way, is uncomfortable looking people in the eye, and is uncomfortable expressing his emotions outwardly,” Freed said. added.

“While he was on top of the world, the public was fascinated by his many eccentricities, or at least his pretensions. The moment he fell, those same public became merciless and “They mocked his awkward features and speaking style, took them as signs of duplicity or worse, and painted him as a weirdo with sinister intentions,” Fried continued.

Bankman Fried faces up to 110 years in prison at his upcoming sentencing for fraud in stealing $10 billion from customers of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX. AP
Bankman-Freed “has many of the quirks associated with high-functioning individuals with ASD,” his mother wrote, referring to autism spectrum disorder. Gregory P. Mango

“The media’s weapon of choice is words. The same cannot be said about prisons.”

Bankman Fried faces up to 110 years in prison at a March 28 sentencing for stealing $10 billion from customers of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX to cover hedge fund debt. ing.

After a month-long trial in which Bankman Fried made the rare and risky choice to testify in his own defense, a federal jury in Manhattan decided on all charges he faced in just four hours. was convicted.

The disgraced tycoon calmly testified during three days on the witness stand that he “regrets” that his hedge fund, Alameda Research, “borrowed” billions of dollars in FTX user funds. He showed no outward emotion and did not apologize for the disappearance of the funds.

Sam Bankman Freed is pictured inside the prison with three other men. Obtained by Tiffany Fung

Bankman Fried also said on the stand at his Manhattan federal court trial that he “can’t remember” the evidence surrounding the November 2022 bombing of his exchange, or even his repeated promises to protect users’ funds. Repeatedly stated.

Bankman-Fried’s father, Joseph Bankman, who also teaches at Stanford Law School, said in a letter that his son would be in “grave physical danger” if sentenced to a long prison term. He claimed that he would be exposed.

“Nothing he has done justifies exposing him to such risks,” Bankman wrote.

During the trial, Bankman Fried repeatedly said on the stand that he “couldn’t recall” evidence that his exchange imploded in November 2022. Reuters
“I am deeply concerned about Sam’s life in a typical prison environment,” Barbara Freed wrote in court documents. AFP (via Getty Images)

Bankman Freed’s new lawyer, Mark Mukasey, called the maximum 110 years in prison the convicted fraudster faces “grotesque” and said he would instead serve 63 to 78 months, or 5.25 to 6.5 He asked for a year’s imprisonment.

Bankman-Fried also suffers from a condition known as anhedonia, which is “characterized by an almost complete lack of enjoyment, motivation, or interest,” Mukasey said in the lawsuit. The section writes as follows:

“Those who knew Sam are sensitive to the tragic fact that nothing in life brought him authenticity.”
I’m happy,” Mukasey added.

Federal prosecutors are expected to make their own sentencing recommendations in the coming weeks.



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