Texas megachuch pastor admits ‘inappropriate sexual behavior with a young lady’

The pastor of a megachurch in Texas, accused of repeatedly sexually abusing a family friend starting when he was just 12, has admitted to previously engaging in “inappropriate sexual conduct with young women.” Robert Morris, founder of Gateway Church in Southlake and a one-time spiritual adviser to Donald Trump, came forward after Cindy Klemischer. He […]

Joe Biden Exhibits ‘Awkward’ Behavior at D-Day Ceremony in Normandy

President Joe Biden’s awkward behavior on Thursday during a ceremony to mark the Normandy landings in Normandy, France, included trying to sit in a non-existent chair and then quickly walking away, sparking speculation about why. “Awkward,” the Republican National Committee account posted on X, attaching a video of Biden leaning over and reaching behind him […]

Mystery as judge disappears from court after ‘manic’ behavior: report

A prominent Texas judge who oversees numerous high-profile criminal trials has mysteriously disappeared from court for nearly a month amid concerns about his mania and interactions with police, according to reports. Judge Kelly Johnson, one of Harris County’s longest serving current judges, has not been seen in Houston’s 178th District Court since May 1. There […]

Robert Costello reinforced ‘mobby’ behavior in Donald Trump circles

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman said Robert Costello’s actions in former President Trump’s hush-money scandal reinforced “mob-like” behavior around the former president. Haberman joined a CNN panel on Tuesday to discuss the record the court released when the judge had a disagreement with Costello, former legal adviser to former President Trump’s former personal lawyer […]

People Who Text And Drive Associated With Psychopathic Behavior: Study

The researchers also shared some other ways to curb cell phone use. One of the most dangerous things drivers can do while behind the wheel of a vehicle is texting while driving. This creates his three types of distractions: visual, manual, and cognitive. Because using a cell phone while driving can have dangerous consequences, as […]

NYC-Dublin art installation to close after bad behavior

A visual arts portal in New York City that continues to livestream to connect New Yorkers with the community of Dublin, Ireland, has temporarily shut down after inappropriate behavior from some troublemakers. It was decided that it would be done. Connecting the two cities, this art sculpture is located on 23rd Street and 5th Avenue […]

Plug pulled on NYC-Dublin portal for now over bad behavior

It didn’t take long. The New York City to Dublin portal has been unplugged for now as vile and rebellious acts are rampant on the 24/7 livestream. The portal’s organizer, the Flatiron Nomad Partnership, told the Post in a statement that it was closed Tuesday night as staff work over the next few days to […]