‘Same Old Trick’: Ingraham Presses North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer On GOP Response To Border Crisis

Fox News host Laura Ingraham pressed Sen. Kevin Cramer, R-North Dakota, on the Republican response to the ongoing border crisis, saying the Senate's agreement was just an “old trick” from lawmakers. ”

Mr. Kramer appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss ongoing negotiations among senators trying to reach a border agreement. But Ingraham questioned the North Dakota senator about the bill's potential, criticizing how it appears to be “the same old trick” as an “omnibus spending bill.” (Related: Democrats say Biden should take control of Texas' National Guard, but here's what they're not saying)

“But, Senator, I've been here much longer than you and I'm not going to give you a ranking, because you're a senator. But this is the same old trick they always do. They did it with Obamacare. They do it with an omnibus spending bill that horrified most Americans who looked inside it and said, “Okay, let's hurry up and negotiate. We've been negotiating for four months. You have 72 hours to read 700 pages, let's go.'' That's not the way to legislate. It's a complete and utter fraud and that's what's going on here,” Ingraham said.

Cramer agreed that this is not the way to legislate, but pushed back at the Fox host, saying there have been some negotiations that were allegedly “agreed” because lawmakers said “out loud.” The Fox News host asked Cramer if he “trusted” Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to comply with the new bill.

“That's certainly not the case, except that no one is asked to vote. We don't know how long it takes from actually seeing the text to making a decision. But what we do know The thing is, all the negotiators are saying it out loud, so we know they all agreed, but there are some real triggers,” Kramer said.

“We're seeing rapid removals at the border. They're building an infrastructure that requires people to turn back on the same day up to a certain limit. That means raising the bar for asylum, the bar for credible fear, and raising the bar for asylum. “We're raising it further. The broad measure of everyone being released on parole is being abolished. So there are some good things to go in the right direction,” he added.

“And I know you actually supported Donald Trump in December, but he's completely against this. He said, 'Look, wait until I get in there. Please,” he said. We don’t need that to do this right.’ And he’s right,” Ingraham insisted.

“But you say tonight that you believe, given what has happened over the past three years, that a piece of paper will actually produce Alejandro Mayorkas, but who is that?” is about to be impeached by the House of Representatives, or is likely to be impeached by the House of Representatives – enacting these new provisions when he is actually impeached. Why not force the old one? ”

Cramer tried to say Mayorkas “wouldn't be a better Homeland Security secretary” if they “did nothing,” but Ingraham gave Biden “political cover.” He applied pressure again. (Related article: 'Don't mess with Texas': Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick tells Biden to 'get out of our way')

“But you're shielding Biden, you're shielding Biden politically in an election year. Why would you do that, given what this man has done to our country?” Ingraham asked the question.

“Well, I think — listen, I supported Donald Trump early this time, and I supported him really early last time,” Cramer said. “That being said, there was no question that Donald Trump would use these tools to far greater effect than Joe Biden. But Joe Biden has already entered this discussion. Everyone who knows anything knows that we are losing, so I don't think we should save the crisis for October to protect Joe Biden, who has already lost 10 million people. He's allowing people into the country illegally. So it's not like he's going to be known one day as the guy who dealt with the border crisis.”

The ongoing battle to control the Texas border between state officials and the Biden administration continues with the Supreme Court's Monday ruling allowing DHS officials to remove razor wire installed by Texas authorities to slow the entry of illegal immigrants. The situation intensified further this week. Republican lawmakers have kept the crisis quiet for months, with Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson late last year refusing to grant foreign aid until the border issue was resolved.

Johnson's action forces senators to introduce legislation that can be approved by the House of Commons. Senators continue to insist that a deal is coming together. But many Republican lawmakers have already voiced potential concerns with the bill.



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