Schumer leads bipartisan group in a push to invest $32 billion per year in developing AI

A bipartisan group of four U.S. senators met last Wednesday to express the need to invest more money into artificial intelligence research. The argument is that if the government does not act quickly, the United States will soon be left behind.

fox news digital report The bipartisan group is said to be led by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. He will be joined by Republican Sens. Mike Rounds (SD) and Todd Young (Indiana).

The group acknowledged that it does not always agree on the best path forward, but agrees that the United States needs to respond. Huge investment in China In the field of AI technology. The four senators 31-page report This includes a wide range of policy recommendations.

“We are not going to wait for legislation to address all aspects of AI in society.”

“This is a time when the dollars associated with this particular investment will pay dividends for the taxpayers of this country over the long term,” Lowndes said.

“China is probably spending about 10 times more on AI development than we are right now. They’re rushing it,” he added.

This group’s blueprint specifically centers around generative AI with the ability to create photos, text, and videos in response to human-generated prompts. While this technology is exciting and innovative, some worry about the future of some jobs that may be made obsolete by the technology.

Associated Press report Young said the development of ChatGPT and similar models made him realize that “we have to collectively think about how we approach this technology” as an organization.

“At the same time that people marveled at the potential of a single generative AI platform, they began to hypothesize about the possible future risks associated with future developments in artificial intelligence,” Young added.

As a result, the group is calling on the U.S. government to invest $32 billion annually in non-defense AI research. Schumer argued that the United States needs to maintain its advantage over China.

Schumer also said there is no need to wait for legislation addressing every aspect of AI before acting.

“We’re not going to wait for legislation that addresses all aspects of AI in society,” he said.

On Wednesday, the Senate Rules Committee debated how AI could impact and even threaten election systems across the country.

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