Amy Schumer shuts down critics commenting that her face is ‘puffier than normal’

Amy Schumer has responded to recent comments about her appearance, telling fans that her “puffy” face is due to a health condition. Schumer took to Instagram to promote the new season of her show “Life & Beth” and sarcastically thanked fans for sharing their opinions. The comedian has been the subject of these kinds of […]

We Passed an Increase in Border Agents and Detention Beds that Schumer Still Won’t Move

On Thursday’s broadcast of Fox Business Network’s “Bottom Line,” Rep. Michael Guest (R-Mississippi) spoke out against Democrats’ claims that defeating the Senate bill would force a DHS budget shortfall, saying that House spending The bill pointed out that: increased the number of border patrol agents Meanwhile, previous budget requests from the Biden administration called for […]

Schumer backs updated kids online safety bill

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York announced Thursday his support for a bill that would regulate how youth social media platforms operate. Schumer, along with several LGTBQ+ advocacy groups, dropped their opposition to the Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA) after sponsors updated its text and the bill inched closer to passage. Sen. Richard […]

Schumer dismisses concern about Biden’s mental acuity as ‘right-wing propaganda’

On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer asserted that President Biden’s mental strength is “amazing” and called claims to the contrary “right-wing propaganda.” The New York Democrat was asked at a press conference whether the 81-year-old president had the mental capacity to seek a second term. Schumer dismissed any politically motivated concerns, insisting that Biden’s […]

Schumer rejects Speaker Johnson’s call to add border reform to Ukraine bill

Fresh off his victory in passing a $60 billion bill for Ukraine in the Senate with 70 votes, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (New York) wasted no time in introducing the bill to Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana). Pressure was put on it to pass. Vote in the House of Commons. He also rejected Johnson’s request […]

Biden gets boost in age debate — from elderly congress members Schumer and Pelosi

An aging President Biden received a boost Tuesday from two top Democrats, 83-year-old Rep. Nancy Pelosi and 73-year-old Sen. Chuck Schumer, amid a heated debate over his “diminished capacity.” Ta. The two elderly Pauls are 81-year-old Biden, despite a series of public gaffes and a scathing special counsel report alleging the Democratic president’s “diminished capacity.” […]

Schumer: Biden’s mental acuity is ‘great’

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York told reporters Tuesday morning, responding to concerns raised by the special counsel’s report that President Biden has a “poor memory,” saying that President Biden has “poor memory.” It’s amazing.” “I talk to President Biden regularly, usually a few times a week. His mental acuity is great, okay, […]

Hundreds of families urge Schumer to pass children’s safety bill 

Hundreds of parent advocates urged Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York to pass the Kids Online Safety Act in a letter published Thursday and a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal. The call to action builds on parental pressure from the CEOs of Meta, TikTok, Discord, Snap, and X (formerly Twitter) during […]

Schumer Warns U.S. Troops Will Be Fighting Russians if Border Bill Not Passed

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) warned that U.S. troops will be sent to Eastern Europe “within a few years” if the Senate border bill, which provides $60 billion in aid to Ukraine, is not passed. . Schumer said on MSNBC on Monday. We are at a tipping point in America. Construction was so important […]


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