Shiba Inu Records Remarkable Growth in Social and Market Activities in Six Months – The Crypto Basic

The Shiba Inu (SHIB) is in the spotlight following its impressive performance in social and market activities over the past six months.

Leading dog-themed cryptocurrency Shiba Inu (SHIB) has caught the attention of the broader cryptocurrency community due to its incredible growth over the past six months.

data According to the prominent social intelligence platform LuarCrush, Shiba Inu social and transactional metrics have increased significantly during this period.

Shiba Inu social metrics

In particular, the metrics where Shiba Inu recorded significant growth in the social category include creators, interactions, social media posts with interactions, posts created, and social dominance.

The number of Shiba Inu-related creators has increased by 30,743%, while social interactions with SHIB have also increased by 12,854% over the past six months.

In terms of social media posts that received interaction, Shiba Inu recorded an astonishing 96,655% increase over the same period. It is worth mentioning that the social interaction metric takes into account social media users’ engagement with Shiba Inu-related posts.

These engagements include likes, reposts, and upvotes across social media channels such as X, Discord, and Reddit.

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Moreover, under the social dominance index, which measures the importance of mentions to a particular cryptocurrency, Shiba Inu recorded a growth of 46,339.1% in this category over the past six months.

Shiba Inu’s excellent market activities

In addition to Shiba Inu’s notable dominance in social activities, LunarCrush also highlighted the cryptocurrency’s superiority in market activity over the past six months.

Our data shows that Shiba Inu prices have grown by an impressive 306.8% during this period. It is worth mentioning that Shiba Inu traded at around $0.00000679 on November 10, 2023, when the bull market was not fully realized.

Amid subsequent relief across the broader crypto market, Shiba Inu’s price soared to around $0.000045 on March 5, but fell back below $0.00003,000 a few days later.

As of April 10, when LunarCrush shared the statistics, the SHIB token was trading at $0.00002766, marking a 306.8% price increase in six months.

Similarly, LunarCrush also revealed that Shiba Inu trading volume has increased by 398.9% in the past six months.

Team celebrates Shiba Inu’s accomplishments

As expected, members of the Shiba Inu community joined X to celebrate that impressive statistic.

In response, the Shiba Inu ecosystem’s official X account celebrated the feat, pointing out that this remarkable milestone is just the beginning of what is expected to be an impressive journey.

The team also urged the Shiba Inu community to prepare for further significant growth in the future.

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