Simp Reporter Gets Super-Cringe With Caitlin Clark Not Once, But Twice; Strangely Apologizes To Make It Even Worse

Men…we have to try harder.

Selected in the WNBA Draft 1st overall pick Caitlin Clark was officially introduced to local media by the team on Wednesday by the Indiana Fever on Monday. Clark was joined by Indiana head coach Christy Sides in response to questions from the press.

The biggest highlight of the press conference, and not in a positive way, occurred when IndyStar columnist Greg Doyle began speaking with both Clark and Sides. And as you’ll see, it’s clear that Doyle doesn’t talk much to the opposite sex. (Related: Hannah Cavinder returns to Miami after year-long hiatus and may reunite with twin sister Haley)

Oh, and what makes this situation even more disgusting is that there were not just one, but two situations like this.

Wrap the tape:

Like I said, Doyle didn’t stop there and marked himself another viral clip when it came time for the media to talk to Sides.

Sides is asked about Clark by Doyle, and… what is she going to do with “it”?

this man…

I’m cringing like hell…just like that guy’s “apology” that gave us the third viral moment.

Guys, this is what you look like when you do something simple…you’re a complete loser…so please stop.